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Saturday, May 27, 2017
DIY gel nail kit

DIY Gel Nail Kits And Incorrect Professional Use

DIY gel nail kits and incorrect professional use lead to increase in allergic reactions The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) has reported a surge in...
Beautiful hair right straight out of bed

Beautiful hair right straight out of bed

Having beautiful hair in the morning is possible! Messy / untamed hair is a women's worst enemy in the morning. Yet waking up with beautiful...
eye shape

Find out what eye makeup suits each eye shape

Eyes are the only part of the body that cannot hide a person's true feelings in front of others, and so unlike the rest of...

Overdrawn Lips – A New Trend on the Surge

Overdrawn lips, in the past, projected a cheap and harsh look whereas subtle and perfectly lined lips were attributed to a more refined, fuller, and...

Test: What does your bracelet lines says about your character?

Hello beauties! What if we told you that your bracelet lines may reveal a lot about your personality? All you have to do is look...
Unstuck a Stuck Zipper with Crayon

Unstuck a Stuck Zipper with Crayon | Today’s Tips

Unstick your zipper by rubbing crayon on both sides. It’s an easy fix and saves your favorite jacket!  
Cool Down

Cool Down | Today’s Tips

If your face turns cherry red after exercising use an ice cold towel on the back of your neck for two minutes. This will...
Pump Up The Volume Hair

Pump up the volume Hair | Today’s Tips

Pump up the volume Hair     For oomphy, tousled strands, try this trick from Nathaniel Hawkins, a celeb hairstylist who has worked with the Olsen twins:...

These looks will make you fall in love with patterned tights

We are aware that fashion changes with every season. Recently it has been seen that the ladies are more attracted to patterned tights that...

Ultimate reasons why you should eat pomegranate if you’re pregnant

Hello beauties! It is necessary to choose the right nutrition for pregnant women, and to pay attention to elements absorbed by the body, which is...
worst celebrity eyebrows

Worst celebrity eyebrows

If you have a history of pictures of bad brows that you think should be burried and never be seen, well  here's a list...
Oriflame 2-in-1 Protecting Hand & Nail Cream

Oriflame 2-in-1 Protecting Hand & Nail Cream

Hello beauties! In this cold winter times my hands are a mess, I tend to have so many dead skin around my nails and my...
Skin Care Products

From Now On You Will Never Throw Your Expired Skin Care Products

Have you ever find yourself in a middle of pile of expired skin care products or unwanted ones but your so attached to them and...