The Dirty Truth Behind Sharing Makeup


At least once in our lives, we shared makeup, either with a bestie, or with a  girl that who was  in a ” beauty emergency” and needed that powder so desperately, or that time you fell in love with your friend’s new lipstick that you couldn’t contain yourself from applying it; but do you know the dirty truth behind sharing makeup.

Mascara & eyeliner:

Because the skin of the eyelid is super thin, it makes it easy for germs to get in. sharing mascara or an eyeliner can cause some serious damages to the conjunctiva, causes eye infections, or even make your eyelashes fallout.


Sharing a lipstick may look good on you, but you know what won’t: Herpes! Yes, that right droplets of infected saliva that are in the lipstick could pass the virus to a non-infected person.

Cream shadows:

The tacky nature of these types of formulas can trap and harbor bacteria, so it’s best not to pass your cream shadow around to your friends while you guys are getting ready to go out. Especially since you probably use your fingers to apply this type of product and have contaminated it with your own bacteria.

If you absolutely cannot get out of sharing a product without coming off as a mean, selfish person, you can still reduce any germs and bacteria present. Levy recommends spraying a coat of 70 percent isopropyl alcohol over the product, and then gently wiping off the first layer to sanitize it. Then, if it’s a cream or liquid, you can scrape or rub a bit of the product off, ideally with a cotton swab, and place it on a tissue for a friend to use.


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