7 Tips and Tricks To Create Photos Like an Instagram Influencer

7 Tips and Tricks To Create Photos Like an Instagram Influencer

Do you dream of making money off of your Instagram posts? With less than 10,000 followers, you can make on average 88 dollars per post as an Instagram influencer. If you are looking for tips on how to create photos like the biggest Instagram influencers, continue reading. 

1. Use Golden Hour

The Golden hour is the peak of a sunset or right afterward. It creates superior lighting that creates top-notch photos. Lighting is such an important aspect of photography.

Golden hour creates the best opportunity to create warm tones that look good. There are editing tips on how to create the golden hour look anytime throughout the day. You can play with the exposure and highlights to make this happen.

2. Be Specific

Make sure people know what they are looking at in the photos. Create a descriptive caption that connects to the photo. You also don’t want to give too many options or clutter pictures.

An easy tool influencers on Instagram use is by sticking to your niche. You want to deliver the value and products that your followers want. If you post food pictures, try to stick to that.

3. Photo Editing 

The top influencers on Instagram use editing software. This creates better quality posts. A lot of people photoshop themselves or the subject to achieve a specific look.

Keep in mind that you do not want people to know that you edit your photos, so you want to make sure to not over-edit. Remember to keep the same color scheme if you are adjusting clarity or using filters. 

4. Use Reflections and Angling 

Playing with reflections and angles are great ways to spice up your photos. Try turning your camera to get a different angle for the subject of your photo. You can also try getting reflections off of glass or mirrors to create a different look. 

5. Be Original 

People will be more likely to interact if you offer something they can’t find anywhere else. Being original creates high-quality content that will naturally help gain followers.  

Candid and action shots are an easy way to do this. It creates a compelling and exciting shot from an ordinary photo. 

6. Use Photos to Tell A Story

Sharing a story with your photos makes the viewer feel more invested and included. They get to experience a snapshot of what it is like to be you.

This can make your followers feel more connected to you. It will also influence them to purchase items from your page or boost engagement.

An easy way to do this is by posting to Instagram stories. Users watch Instagram stories every day, so this is a great way for easy content interaction. 

7. Add Layers

If you can mix different layers and textures, you can add interest to the photo. Layers help guide the viewer’s eyes to where you want them. This creates multiple subjects within one photo. 

Portrait mode on your phone is great for this. It naturally blurs the background and focuses on the subject. You can use a background eraser which is great for helping take away too many layers, or clutter. 

Become an Instagram Influencer Today

If you start with these easy steps, you will turn into an Instagram influencer in no time. Try to have fun with your content and be authentic. Remember that there are always fresh ideas for photography and editing to play with. 

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