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Blonde Hair Between Appointments

Activate Your Creativity at a Cosmetology School

An Inclusive, Artistic, and Professional Education Opportunity Awaits You  Those of us who are deeply passionate about the art of beauty, styling, and fashion have...

7 Trendy Ideas For Keeping Your Kids Bedrooms In Style

Getting ready to decorate (or redecorate!) a bedroom for your big kid? You might want to forget the bright primary colors and character-patterned bedding...

Are Wool Socks Good for Your Feet?

Wool socks are often touted as the best type of socks, but is that true? This type of socks is usually made from merino...

Choosing the Right thigh-high sportswear for your unique style

Some days you want to wear cargo pants and sneakers, a plain white t-shirt, and some Converse All-Star kids. You’d like to dress up...

Everything You Need to Know About How to Buy Shoes Online

When buying shoes online, there are certain things you need to know. Purchasing shoes from the internet is a bit difficult—especially if you don't...

How to Buy Fragrance Online: A Complete Guide

Did you know that in 2020, 41% of Americans use fragrance daily? Fragrance is an important step in a person’s beauty regimen as it...

All You Need To Know About Buying Art Deco Rings

What's not to like about the bold and very colourful Art Deco period? After a century of Victorian blandness, the world was shown this...
How to Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day

How to Look Beautiful on Your Wedding Day?

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. You have to be relaxed and energised at this time to look pretty. Prepare...
How To Have A Relaxing Day After An All-Day Move

How To Have A Relaxing Day After An All-Day Move

Moving can be one of the most tedious and stressful undertakings in one’s life. If you’re about to move, you have to...
Smart Tips To Help You Identify The Perfect Hair Salon

Smart Tips To Help You Identify The Perfect Hair Salon

Most people have a common fear of walking into a hair salon and walking out with an unpleasant haircut. It might have happened to...

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Woman Applying Creme on Face

8 Things You Must Have In Your Beauty Salon Brochure

When you have a beauty salon, you must do your best to market it as widely as possible. OF course, you’ll opt for online...

How To Style Spring’s Hottest Accessory: Statement Hats

Looking for a fashionable add-on or weather-conscious outerwear? Either way, hats are this spring’s hottest accessory. Throughout history, hats have served the dual purpose...
best medispa

A Guide to Choosing the Right Medispa for You

The modern world is full of beauty treatments to help us look and feel our best. You may find it difficult to select the...

6 Common Shapewear Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Shapewear can give you an extra boost of confidence while wearing a favorite dress, pantsuit, blouse or other items in your wardrobe. But, with...

Botox beauty treatments: what you need to know before you go under the needle

Botox treatments are a way to get rid of wrinkles, lines and creases in the skin. It is a common treatment that can be...