7 Adult Friendship Bracelet and Jewelry Ideas That Are Sentimental and Fashionable

Friendship Bracelet and Jewelry

Who ever said that friendship bracelets are just for kids? Sure, the chintzy accessories of your elementary and middle school days probably aren’t appropriate now that you’re older, but that doesn’t mean that the sentiment of giving a gift of jewelry to symbolize your friendship has to end. 


Adult friendship bracelets and other sentimental jewelry items are perfect for celebrating the special people and relationships in your life. And unlike the bracelets made from embroidery thread and cheap plastic “Best Friends” necklaces from your youth, the gift you share with your adult pal will have the same longevity as your friendship. Whether you wear matching women’s gold chains or keep things more traditional with bracelets, here are a few adult friendship bracelets and jewelry ideas that are as fashionable as they are sentimental. 

What Are Friendship Bracelets? 

Friendship bracelets are thought to have originated in Central America, and they have been popular in the United States since the 1970s. Meant to symbolize the bond between friends, the traditional friendship bracelet is made from colorful string. 

Of course, friendship jewelry has evolved over the years. In addition to the traditional string bracelets made and exchanged at summer camp, necklaces and other jewelry consisting of two halves of a broken heart have been popular for decades. 

As an adult, you probably want something that’s a bit more classy, though. String, plastic and cheap metals are okay for kids. But adults need something nicer for daily wear. Besides, when you have a friendship that has withstood the test of time, you need something nicer than a few pieces of string to commemorate it. Here are some of the best options for adult friendship jewelry. 

  1. Gold Bracelets

If you love the nostalgia of a friendship bracelet but want something a bit classier, gold bracelets are a perfect choice. Purchase matching bracelets and share one with your best friend to symbolize your friendship. You could even buy matching ID bracelets and have them personalized with the classic “Best Friends” or another word or phrase that’s meaningful to you. 

When shopping for bracelets, be sure to choose ones that both you and your pal will like. If you have drastically different aesthetics, there is no rule saying you have to wear the exact same bracelets. Feel free to select one style for yourself and another for your friend. There are no rock-solid rules. 

  1. Gold Chains

Gold Chains

Gold chains work well for celebrating your friendship in a simple, subtle way. Like bracelets, you can buy yourself and your friend matching necklaces, or you can mix and match gold chains to suit your varying style preferences. If you’re looking for a bold way to showcase your friendship, you can never go wrong with Cuban link necklaces. Iced-out chains are excellent choices, too. However, a simple box or Figaro chains may be a better choice if you want to keep things a bit more laid back. 

  1. Custom Diamond Pendant

With a custom diamond pendant, you can recreate those “best friends” broken hearts of yesteryear with a healthy infusion of bling. Made from gold and encrusted with genuine diamonds, custom pendants are a dope way of celebrating those extra-special friendships. 

Get together with your friend, and come up with a design you both love. Whether you go with a design inspired by the friendship necklaces of your youth or you think outside the box and come up with a unique design that symbolizes you and your friend, designing your own custom jewelry together is a lot of fun. And every time you wear the finished pendant, you will get to relive the memory of coming up with the design together. 

  1. Photo Jewelry

If you are looking for something as unique as it is sentimental, consider having photo jewelry made. Companies engrave photographs on pendants, bracelet charms, keychains and more, making it easy to add a special photo of yourself and your bestie to a wide range of stylish accessories. Have two of the same item made so you can keep one for yourself and share the other with your friend. 

  1. Beaded Bracelets

Whether you make them yourself or buy them from a store, beaded bracelets are an upgrade from the embroidery floss bracelets from childhood. Choose ones that feature real gemstone beads for the biggest glow-up possible. You can also find bracelets made with gold, silver and platinum beads. 

If you are thinking about taking the do-it-yourself approach, consider setting up a time to craft with your pal. When you make each others’ bracelets, they will be even more special! 

  1. Rolex Watches


Sometimes, a regular bracelet or necklace just is not enough to show someone how much they mean to you. For the friend who has been there for you through it all, nothing commemorates your relationship better than a luxury timepiece. Get yourself a women’s Rolex and gift one to your friend. Be sure to choose one with a diamond-encrusted bezel to thank her for always being your rock. Your friend will absolutely be blown away, and you’ll both feel like total baddies rocking your matching Rolexes the next time you go out. 

  1. XO Jewelry

Share some love with your bestie by gifting her a beautiful piece of XO jewelry. Featuring x’s and o’s, these necklaces are the perfect way to send some hugs and kisses your friend’s way. Many styles have hearts, too, to symbolize the love you share. 


Your best friend has been there for you on the best and worst days of your life. Return that gift of love by presenting them with a special piece of friendship jewelry. The suggestions above are welcome steps up from the friendship bracelets of your childhood, and they are sure to make your pal feel special.