Burberry Bags

Burberry Bags

Burberry Bags

Burberry Bags are one of the most renowned bag brands coming from the United Kingdom. With thousands of options and new designs coming out every season; the company has relentlessly come out with new, innovative and stylish designs.

‘A bag for every style.’ The Pocket bag is fitted with a detachable strap that can be worn cross-body or held in hand as a clutch. This beaute of a bag has changed its printed design from the 1981 vintage check to 2020’s range of designs and materials. The Pocket bag’s designs consist of the Two-tone leather, TB Motif Monogram print and plain leather.

Burberry Pocket Bag Size and Dimensions

The Pocket bag comes in a few shapes and sizes; The Pocket Tote Medium bag is the largest in the collection; it can be worn cross-body and held as a tote by its elegantly crafted handle. The Pocket Mini Bag is the most popular of the two, mainly because of its perfect size and cross-body potential. 

Burberry Pocket Bag Style

 Elegantly worn cross-body, the Pocket Mini Bag is a go-to bag for nights out. Its small size and stylish potential place it at the top of the board. The Pocket Tote bag is large in size and large in style, its spacious interior and classy looks give it the perfect classic Burberry look and feel.

Burberry Pocket Bag Materials

Burberry chose to handcraft this beloved classic with the finest of calf and lamb leather. Some other designs for the Pocket bag include Cotton and Linen, as well as Nylon. All these classic materials are handcrafted to create the classic Pocket Bag.

 Burberry’s pocket bag collection first released in 1981 to 1990 with the classic vintage check design, the Burberry Bags icon was reintroduced into the market in 2020. However, this time, Burberry designed the pocket bag with topstitched leather and bold graphic ‘BURBERRY’ text.

Gucci GG Supreme Materials 

Leather and Canvas are the materials often used in the creation of these bags with the durability being enhanced year over year and the use of materials becoming thicker and water-resistant. Furthermore, straps are usually Metal on the Leather bags and Nylon on the canvas bags to fit into the style the designers are aiming for.

 The GG Supreme collection of products has created a lasting touch in consumers’ minds. With the use of 100% original fabrics and a focus on quality, it’s easy to see why the collection is loved by so many!

Saint Laurent Kate Bags

The Kate bags thin chain shoulder strap can sit comfortably on the shoulder or be detached to turn the bag into a clutch. Saint Laurent has taken pride in the Kate bags design similar to Prada Bags; the materials alone are eye-catching. If you choose the croc-embossed print, then be prepared for all eyes to be on you; its popularity and recognisability reaches the sky.


The Kate bag has many sizes which means that there’s something for your style. If you’re a one wallet wonder, then the Wallet on chain Kate bag is the perfect match for you; its size and compact style gives off a sense of luxury.

If you don’t carry much around, then, the Original or New Small Kate bag will be the go-to bag. Although it’s missing the iconic chain tassel, the vast metal YSL logo overtakes the bag and gives it the wow-factor.

For the ladies who want a showstopper, the Kate medium bag is the one for you, its large size and plush style shouts what Saint Laurent stands for; Luxury, Quality and Style. Its spacious interior and flap designed with the chain tassel contribute to one stylish and spacious designer bag.


The Kate bag comes in many materials, for example; Lambskin leather and Calfskin leather. The materials used allow for designs like Leopard skin and even a luxury suede; Saint Laurent have also created the Kate bag in 100% Viscose for a beachy classical look. The Kate stands for design, quality and luxury. It’s safe to say its in the top 10 designer bags; its popularity, recognisability and iconic style push it even further up the table.

 One of Saint Laurent’s most recognisable and symbolic bags; The Kate bag. The Kate bag stands out with its luxury materials and the iconic crocodile print YSL Kate bag, it’s the bag made for nights out. Its compact Wallet like interior gives it an original look but its elegant chain tassel plushes its originality.