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Upgrade Your Wardrobe With These 3 Luxury Items

Upgrade Your Wardrobe With These 3 Luxury Items

The difference between a regular wardrobe and a great one are fabulous pieces that give you confidence and make you feel powerful. A great...

Things You Need To Take Care About After Microblading

If you have never heard about microblading, then it’s referred to as a procedure to improve the appearance of the eyebrows. In some situations,...
The Elegant Wedding - Southern Style

The Elegant Wedding – Southern Style

No matter where you live, you have experienced traditions at weddings that originated in the South. For generations, southern women have been the catalyst...

Top 5 Best Celebrity Eyebrows Hollywood Has Ever Seen

We know it takes a village to get celebrities ready, especially during the red carpet events. But history had witnessed some of the worst...
office lookbook

5 Everyday Office Looks

Who says office look should always be that black pant and blazer, with either a blue or white shirt? Today we're gonna give you...
Spring fashion 2017

Spring 2017 Fashion Highlights

Spring is just around the corner, and designers already came up with what's gonna be trendy, so here's for you the highlights of the...
Platform heels

5 Shoes Every Women Must Have

Shoes shoes shoes! we never can enough of them, but you don't wanna stack the same type everytime. So here's for you, the must...
worst celebrity eyebrows

The Most Worst Celebrity Eyebrows Ever !

If you have a history of pictures of bad brows that you think should be burried and never be seen, well  here's a list...
2000's trend

2000’s trend……….no just NO!

Today we're gonna travel into time and display the late 90's early early 2000's trend, so buckle up because it's gonna be a bumpy...
Slimming Dresses

Slimming Dresses – For the Slimmer Look

Not everyone can have the perfect body with luscious curves; slimming dresses are made for those who want to hide their body fat in the...

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Buriti Oil

Benefits Of Buriti Oil

Buriti Oil gives an immediate good mine effect, but it presents many other virtues for the skin and hair. What is Buriti oil? Its properties Produced from...
floral water uses

Floral Water Uses

Floral Water: properties and how to use it? You may not know about floral waters? Not sure how to use them? In the following lines,...
how to get rid of blackhead

How To Get Rid Of Blackhead

What's more unsightly than blackheads! How do they appear? How to avoid them? Do we have to pierce them yourself? So many questions that...
kombucha tea benefits

Kombucha Tea Benefits

Kombucha tea this ancestral drink from Mongolia with multiple medicinal properties is appearing in cosmetic care. Antioxidant, moisturizing and promoting cellular renewal, this ingredient...
Rosehip Oil, anti-aging oil

Rosehip Oil, Anti-Aging Oil ?

What do you think the Duchess of Cambridge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and the Miranda Kerr model all have in common? According to some sources,...