Activate Your Creativity at a Cosmetology School

Blonde Hair Between Appointments

An Inclusive, Artistic, and Professional Education Opportunity Awaits You 

Those of us who are deeply passionate about the art of beauty, styling, and fashion have always been built a little differently. We notice things that others don’t often notice. The way someone effortlessly and unintentionally puts together an outfit – the way a friend’s hair would accentuate their perfect forehead if they had it cut a bit differently – a new makeup technique discovered by experimenting at home…

These are the kinds of things that creative folks like us are always thinking about – no, dreaming about – every day of our lives. However, not all of us have considered taking those dreams to the next level. Instead of keeping your creativity from the world, why not put it out there for others to see? This can be scary, sure, but taking a step forward to explore your passions might be the very thing you’ve been waiting for to fully realize yourself as a creative person.

Have You Considered Going Back to School? (And Not Just Any School…)

A cosmetology and esthetics program might be a good fit for you, if you’ve found yourself relating to some of the thinking described above. At a reputable, state-of-the-art cosmetology school, you have a chance to bring your creativity out into the open. 

When you train to become a cosmetologist or licensed esthetician, much of your coursework is going to be hands-on. Now you can try those makeup techniques you’ve been experimenting with at home. You’ll get to be the influencer whose videos you watch at night, wishing you had the time or resources to show others how you do your thing, whether it’s hair, makeup, skincare, or any of the other skills a cosmetology and esthetics program teaches. 


We Understand Keeping Creativity Private – But What If the Environment Was Just Right?

Creativity that is private and independent is, of course, very valuable. Many of us like to keep our most imaginative and artistic thoughts on the inside, where it’s safe and we can entertain ourselves with our vision of the world. There’s something very special about the way that artists can choose to exist in that liminal dream-space between the real world and our imaginations.

However, there’s also something to be said about putting our creativity and imagination out into the world in a public-facing way. First of all, putting your creativity out there is completely do-able if you’re around other creative people. When you enroll in a cosmetology school, you’ll be around others who think just like you do, so it’s not like you’re going to be sharing your passions at the Thanksgiving dinner table where the likely reaction is condescending, or cues the cricket sounds. When you enact your creativity in an inclusive, open-minded environment like a cosmetology and esthetics program, you’re more likely to find encouragement, kindness, and even excitement about your ideas and talents. 

“What About Me?” You Ask, I’m Curious about All This, But Am I “Creative” Enough?

This is actually a question that cosmetology and esthetics schools get all the time from prospective students. Leave it to creative people to be unsure if they’re truly creative! All kidding aside, we understand completely. Here’s the thing: if you’re interested in cosmetology school, let that be your guide. Many of us aren’t sure we have the skills or talents, but here’s two pieces of good news we want to share with you about this:

  1. A reputable, excellent cosmetology school is going to train you! You don’t have to worry about whether you have the skills and talents. We’re here to bring them out of you!
  2. Many students who aren’t sure about their abilities in the areas that cosmetology and esthetics programs offer suddenly discover their creativity. It’s almost as if giving them the right canvas was all they needed to succeed!

Doubt is Normal – But the Easiest Remedy for Doubt is Action!

Creatives have a lot of self-doubt about their abilities. It kind of comes with the territory. Some of us joke that it’s an “occupational hazard” of being creative in the first place. So, we want you to know that it’s normal to be uncertain, or even to have fears about whether your next step – enrolling in a cosmetology or esthetics program – is right for you. 

Our advice? Take a tour of a school, meet with a member of the school’s Admissions team, or – if you’re very shy – take a virtual tour first and read testimonials online from former students. Then, when you’re ready, take one small step forward. 

Whatever that looks like for you will be enough. Just one step. It means you’re taking action, and – here’s the real secret – taking action always creates an equal reaction. The next right thing will happen with every step you take, and – hopefully soon – you’ll discover that enrolling in cosmetology and esthetics school was in the cards all along.