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Dancer’s DIY Tips and Tricks For Fuel And Recovery

Dancer’s DIY: Tips and Tricks For Fuel And Recovery

Even the very young dancer soon realizes that dance is serious work. It is a discipline and every aspect of your body affects your...
How to care your skin

How To Care Your Skin?

Our skin is the most prominent part of our body. One can judge from hundreds of metres if you are white, black or brown....
How To Reduce Facial Dryness

How To Reduce Facial Dryness

To reduce the dryness of the face, in addition to hydrating it with creams, it is important to drink plenty of water to hydrate...
6 Natural Remedies That Will Help You Manage Menopause

6 Natural Remedies That Will Help You Manage Menopause

Even though there is a range of products filled that can help us overcome the symptoms of menopause, it is always best to opt...
Learn How To Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones

Learn How To Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones

Everyone, at some point in life, goes through bad moments during which it is almost impossible to have positive thoughts. Even though we have learned...
Ginger for loss Weight

A Golden Kitchen Ingredient That Will Make You Lose Weight In No Time

This drink to lose weight is a great resource to take care of your health while balancing your sugar levels and speeding up digestion...
soft skin

5 Homemade Creams For Softer Skin

In order to have a soft skin, it is essential to moisturize it daily, with creams that has so many benefits, just like those...
makeup products

Heads Up! You Should Never Be Using These Products No More

Using cosmetics is important to preserve the health of our skin and keep it look good. However, they are not all good as we...
working out with a baby

Working Out With A Baby

Stephanie Outlaw, 31, lives in East London and is the head of ecommerce marketing for a fashion retailer. She is married to Alex, the co-founder of a men’s...
Skin Care Products

From Now On You Will Never Throw Your Expired Skin Care Products

Have you ever find yourself in a middle of pile of expired skin care products or unwanted ones but your so attached to them and...

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Buriti Oil

Benefits Of Buriti Oil

Buriti Oil gives an immediate good mine effect, but it presents many other virtues for the skin and hair. What is Buriti oil? Its properties Produced from...
floral water uses

Floral Water Uses

Floral Water: properties and how to use it? You may not know about floral waters? Not sure how to use them? In the following lines,...
how to get rid of blackhead

How To Get Rid Of Blackhead

What's more unsightly than blackheads! How do they appear? How to avoid them? Do we have to pierce them yourself? So many questions that...
kombucha tea benefits

Kombucha Tea Benefits

Kombucha tea this ancestral drink from Mongolia with multiple medicinal properties is appearing in cosmetic care. Antioxidant, moisturizing and promoting cellular renewal, this ingredient...
Rosehip Oil, anti-aging oil

Rosehip Oil, Anti-Aging Oil ?

What do you think the Duchess of Cambridge, Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and the Miranda Kerr model all have in common? According to some sources,...