6 Common Shapewear Mistakes and How To Avoid Them


Shapewear can give you an extra boost of confidence while wearing a favorite dress, pantsuit, blouse or other items in your wardrobe. But, with all of the styles of everyday shapewear available, it can be easy to purchase a piece that doesn’t suit your needs.

Discover some of the most common shapewear mistakes and how to avoid making them.

1. Choosing the Wrong Style for Your Body Type

The purpose of shapewear is to control, lift, enhance or smooth out various areas of a woman’s body. So, considering your body type can prevent you from selecting a piece that doesn’t address your needs. Quality, well-designed shapewear can emphasize certain areas of the body while downplaying others.


As an example, a woman with an hourglass shape tends to have a narrow waist with a large bust and curvy hips. In this instance, shapewear that emphasizes the waist and smooths out the hip area would be suitable. Determining your body shape before shopping enables you to select a piece that serves your needs.


2. Selecting the Wrong Size

Purchasing the wrong size is another common pitfall when shopping for shapewear. When shopping for jeans, skirts and tops, you probably have a particular size in mind. You may even know that you wear different sizes depending on the clothing brand. However, the size of your shapewear may not match the size you choose for jeans, blouses, etc. Selecting the wrong size can cause it to ride up, slip down or move completely out of place. This defeats the purpose, and, more importantly, it becomes very uncomfortable.

The most effective way to determine proper size is to measure the circumference of your bust, waist and hips. Then, go to the shapewear size chart to find the size range that reflects your precise measurements. Be sure to note your measurements so you can have them on hand the next time you purchase.

3. Limiting Your Expectations for Your Shapewear

Do you approach shopping for shapewear with just one expectation or purpose in mind? Perhaps you want a piece to help you flatten your midsection. Or maybe you’re searching for something to help sculpt the shape of your legs. Well, it is a common mistake to think that a single piece of shapewear can only address one issue. Many pieces address two or more issues all at the same time.

For instance, some pieces can flatten your midsection while providing a little extra lift to your backside. Other shapewear is designed to sculpt your midsection down your legs to your upper calf area. So, you can choose an item that fulfills your expectations and then some!


4. Forgetting to Factor in Compression Level

Pieces of shapewear are designed to offer different levels of compression. Some examples of compression levels include moderate, firm and extra firm. Unfortunately, you can become so focused on the style of the shapewear that you forget to check its compression level. Don’t make this mistake. Your shapewear can provide the style you want and your desired compression level.

Before browsing through a selection, decide the level of compression you’re looking for. You may be planning to wear a clingy cocktail dress to an event. You’d like to find shapewear that firmly hugs your torso while smoothing it out. In this instance, you should browse through shapewear items with a firm level of compression. Alternatively, maybe you’d like to purchase shapewear to pair with flowy pants. By design, these pants don’t cling to your body. But you’d still like some support to smooth out your hips. Shapewear offering moderate compression would be a suitable choice in this instance.


5. Forgetting To Look at the Care Label

It’s easy to fall in love with an item of shapewear and immediately start thinking about the outfits you’ll pair it with. But don’t make the mistake of overlooking its care label. Not all pieces require the same care routine to keep them in excellent condition.

Some pieces need to be machine washed in the delicate water cycle of a specific temperature. Other pieces need to be hand-washed and air-dried. Some require special care based on their color or particular features within their design. Taking just a few seconds to look at the care label can help you get the most use out of your purchase.


6. Using One Style of Shapewear for All of Your Outfits

Another common mistake is wearing one item of shapewear with every outfit. Not all types of shapewear are compatible with every sort of outfit. For instance, shaper shorts may be more appropriate than a bodysuit if you’re wearing a casual skirt with a flowy blouse. You’d be more comfortable and get the support you’re looking for. Also, remember that using the same piece with every outfit means it will wear out very quickly.

An easy way to avoid this is to look at the types of outfits you have in your wardrobe. Then, consider a selection of shapewear for women to find a suitable style for each outfit. Chances are, you have a few outfits that could pair with one style and a few that could pair with another.

Shapewear Should Fulfill Your Unique Needs

As you can see, selecting a piece you love is all about focusing on your personal needs. You can maintain comfort and style to get exactly what you want. Taking extra time to consider your options can help you end up with a fabulous supply of go-to shapewear!