Overcoming the Obstacles: 7 Challenges of Selling Beauty Products

Luxury Beauty Products

What is better than finding out about a jar of face cream that’s supposed to alleviate wrinkles within a couple of weeks? The jar is beautiful itself, and just about everyone wants to open it and see if the cream has a soft feel and fragrance. Most people imagine what it will feel like on their skin and if it will really work to get rid of their deep wrinkles. However, since these are modern times, people are also very interested in the ingredients inside the jar. Some are completely turned off if there are words on the label as long as their arm and words they can’t pronounce. But, if they find that others are buying this cream and touting the way it is helping them, they’ll most likely buy it.

The Internet and Television Get the Word Out

Enough can’t be said concerning how quickly a product is found out about on social media and through advertisements on television. Many cosmetic houses rely on the media to get the word out on products they’re selling, plus they invest in advertising. The number (1) challenge of selling beauty products is making sure they are safe for consumers to use, and (2) finding ways to get noticed, plus (3) marketing the product is very important in order for consumers to remember the product’s name and the company brand.

Trying Before Buying is Important

There are numerous beauty products from many companies to choose from, and each beauty house advertises that they contain a special ingredient that entices people to buy them. One company’s product may contain an ingredient that is all the rage at this time. Another one has a special ingredient that consumers have heard about but have never tried. Each company is vying for the consumer’s time and money by advertising their special product. This is why a beauty product tester is so important for each company.

Nothing Like a Personal Touch

Another challenge is that even though this is a fast-moving era, there is nothing like having someone to listen to users of beauty products. Sometimes, individuals know nothing about how to use any product until they are (4) personally shown what to do. They don’t know which color is best for them or how to, for example, apply eyeliner. Remember when people would walk into certain stores in the mall and when they came out they had had four or five colognes sprayed on them by the store’s beauty consultants and didn’t know which one was which? Customers would see many people sitting there and learning how to apply everything from a cleanser formulated for their type of skin and ending with a blush. Many people have enrolled in cosmetology school because they want to offer a personal touch to each client.

Deciding the Method of Selling

(5) Which method will one company choose over another one? This is also a challenge since some choose subscription sales, while others use the direct marketing method with consumers through parties and one-on-one sales. (6) Finding plenty of people to thoroughly train in the use of beauty products is a challenge and (7) setting goals as to where a company and their beauty consultants see themselves in a specified number of years. These may be challenges, but none of them are impossible to do.

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