How To Style Spring’s Hottest Accessory: Statement Hats


Looking for a fashionable add-on or weather-conscious outerwear? Either way, hats are this spring’s hottest accessory. Throughout history, hats have served the dual purpose of fashion accessories and outerwear. Head coverings may even date back as far as 30,000 years. More recently, however, hats have evolved into fashion statements as well as symbols of status and practicality.

With the influence of the Royal family beginning in the 1940s, women in hats have been a mainstay in the fashion world. With so many cute and fun hat styles trending today, there are chic hats for every season, outfit, and occasion. Check out a few ways you might style this spring’s trendy hats.

Tip 1: Pair Your Hat With the Season’s Trendiest Tops

With each new season comes new trends in women’s fashion. This spring’s latest trends are in tops. From flirty patterns to bold color blocking and sensible solids to the ever-popular French tuck, oversized is the overarching theme in tops. Whether you’re into the loose-fitting button-down, a good basic T-shirt, or comfy crewnecks, there’s a perfect hat for each style.

Those loose-fitting boho floral tops create a fashionable aesthetic when paired with a straw boater-style hat. The best style in form and function, the straw hat is a classic style that adds texture to your outfit while also protecting your eyes and face from the sun. This is also a great crossover style that will look great when you hit the pool or beach this summer.

Right now, one of the trendiest hat styles is the faux suede, rancher-style hat. The luxe of the faux suede fabric adds sophistication to the grit of a rancher hat which means it can be dressed up or down. These hats are typically designed with a contrasting or accenting ribbon or band at the base, adding another fun element. The rancher hat goes great with dressed-down looks like jeans and a fun T-shirt as well as dressed up in your Sunday best. No matter the cute tops you pair your hat with, any outfit can be accessorized with one of these trendy hats.

Tip 2: Consider Jewelry

Don’t feel like you have to skimp on jewelry because you’ve added a hat to your outfit. From dainty earrings to layered necklaces, jewelry, and hats work well together. Because your hat makes a bold enough statement, you may want to choose an understated earring such as a stud. Wearing chunky hoops or elaborate chandelier earrings with a hat is too much at once, so choose one or the other.

The best place to amp up jewelry when you’re wearing a hat is with necklaces and bracelets. The layered necklace look is currently trending. Stacking dainty necklaces at different lengths adds the perfect touch of sparkle and can keep your outfit simple and classy. If you prefer a more overt jewelry moment, consider stacking bangle bracelets when you wear a hat. Your wrist is far enough away from your lidded head to keep your accessories from clashing.

Tip 3: But What To Do With Your Hair?

One of the greatest concerns women have when wearing hats is what to do with their hair. The good news is that styling your hair with a hat is simple. Whether you’re hoping to hide a bad hair day or are concerned about what your hair will look like when you remove your hat, there are styles suited for both concerns. If you’re dealing with wild, messy hair that you need to hide, fedora, floppy, and Panama-style hats look super cute atop an untamed mane. Likewise, these hat styles don’t typically leave their mark on chic hairstyles. So even on good hair days, you can wear them with the confidence that your coif will still look great when you remove the hat.

Another common question is whether or not your hair is too short for a hat. There is a misconception that short hair doesn’t look as good in a hat. While it may seem that short hair doesn’t work with hats, particular hat styles look amazing with short hair. Floppy hats, beanies, and cloches are great styles for closely-cropped coifs. You can reveal bangs or pull-out wisps to avoid completely covering your short ’do by positioning these hats a bit further back on your head. If you’re donning a short hairdo, you can still confidently accessorize with particular hat styles.

Appropriate Occasions for Wearing a Hat

The options are limitless if you’ve ever wondered about the appropriate occasions for donning a hat. From dressy affairs to casual functions, there’s a hat for every occasion. For women, it’s appropriate, even suggested in some instances, to wear a fanciful hat to funerals, church services, luncheons, and even weddings. When you’re accessorizing with a fashionable hat, it’s even acceptable to keep your hat on when indoors. Nevertheless, it is common courtesy to remove oversized hats if they’ll block someone’s view or when indoors in a work setting.

The baseball cap is one of the most common hat styles to wear when dressing casually. Perfect for hitting the gym, running errands, shopping, and the local pub, etiquette for the baseball cap differs from rules for the fashion hat. Baseball caps should be removed at mealtimes, in places of worship, in restaurants, and any time the national anthem is played. While baseball caps are a great way to represent much-loved teams, destinations, and beyond, they’re a bit more limited in terms of appropriateness.

Put a Lid on It

Hats have had their place in women’s fashion for thousands of years. With spring right around the corner, consider all the in-vogue ways you can style your favorite hats. From dressed-up floppy hats to casual boleros, there’s an outfit and occasion for every hat style, so don’t be afraid to add a hat to your next spring look.