8 Things You Must Have In Your Beauty Salon Brochure

Woman Applying Creme on Face
Pretty Caucasian woman looking her face in bathroom mirror and applying cosmetic.

When you have a beauty salon, you must do your best to market it as widely as possible. OF course, you’ll opt for online marketing methods like social media posts and sending out ads. However, as your industry is focused on visuals and aesthetics, you need to work on the design aspect of your marketing as much as possible. 

There are numerous ways you can do this, and showcase your services at the same time. Posters and brochures are perfect for this purpose, so you should design a few variations which you can share both online and in physical form. Post these across your social media platforms or even on digital signage to appeal to a wide audience. In addition, print your brochures out, and distribute them around your general area and place them in other stores, with their permission. However, there are a few elements you must have in your salon brochures. 


This might be obvious, but you must provide a rundown of the services you offer and specialize in on your brochure. Categorize them according to whether they’re related to skin, nails, hair, or makeup, and list them accordingly. 

In addition, if you offer any packages and bundles, mention them on your brochures as well. Update your marketing content if you have any special deals and discounts going on, and share them accordingly. 

Appealing visuals

This is definitely necessary. Use appealing layouts and designs for your brochure. As you’ll need to include many details, you should work on balancing them out without overcrowding the layout. There are many templates for this purpose on PosterMyWall, and you can use them to make your life easier.

Some key points to keep in mind are that the text should not be crowded, and it should not take over the whole brochure. Maybe go for a trifold design to include all the details without compromising on crisp design aesthetics. 

Good photos

Speaking of visuals, there’s no better demonstration of your services than a few photos on your brochure. Add some pictures of your specialized services, with customer consent, of course. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words. 

However, a blurry picture in bad lighting would create a bad impression, so have a proper photo session of the results from your selected services. Then, use the pictures in your brochure to showcase your work. 

Location details

Another obvious detail you must add is the location. These days, you can really save a lot of space on your brochure by using a QR code instead of writing the complete details down. You can use any of the free QR code generators online and put your location URL there.

Then, once you have a QR code, add it to your brochure. However, make sure you test it for accuracy, and have the written location details on your website and social media pages. 

Website and social media platforms

Add links to your website and social media platforms on your brochure. You can hyperlink these platforms on the online version, so that readers can go directly to these pages. Arrange these links in a small box near the end of your brochure, and add icons instead of writing down the names of the platforms to save space and improve aesthetic appeal. 

In addition, make sure your social media URL tags are as small as possible, so that they don’t look clunky when written down as text. This way, your brochure will look more streamlined. 

Timings and booking details

Make sure you mention your timings and booking details on your brochure. Your closing time and off days should be mentioned clearly, so that customers know when to book your services for. In addition, if you offer walk-ins, clarify what services customers must book in advance for, and what days you cannot offer walk-in services. 

Be as concise as possible with this information, and utilize as little space as possible on your brochure without excluding relevant details. If you have a website link for bookings, add that in this section as well.

Essential contact details

This is also a given, and needs its own small section. You should have your phone numbers listed down on your brochure, along with your email address or online customer portal. Make sure you list down numbers which are actually in use, with the location codes added. 

In the online version of your brochure, you can even add a ‘Call Us’ or ‘Email Us’ button, which lets users directly call or email you when they have the brochure open on their smartphones. 

Customer reviews

This is not an essential part of a brochure, but is a good idea to include if you have the space. A few testimonials and customer reviews can show potential clients how others are satisfied with your services. 

This will add authority to your salon, and make it more reputable as a new option to try out. Add excerpts from positive reviews to keep things short, and add links to these reviews to increase their validity. 

To sum up, your salon brochure must have some key elements on it to really market your services. You can design this brochure using PosterMyWall to ensure everything is in place, and that the aesthetics are not compromised.