Sleep Paralysis….The Awake Nighmare

Sleep Paralysis

If you find that yourself unable to move or speak for a few seconds during sleep or when you wake up, you’re not dreaming, it’s actually a sign of a illness known as “sleep paralysis.”

Which occurs when a person is in a transitional stage between sleep and dream, you are conscious but unable to move, and when you wake up from sleep can not get rid of muscular looseness and lack of speech and movement, which will last for a few seconds to a few minutes, and that can make people panic.

Many of the teenagers  suffer from this illness, which occurs in two times, at the beginning of sleep, and at the beginning of waking up, at the beginning of sleep the person feels a disturbance, shortness of breath and the inability to move during sleep, as it may be accompanied a state of visual or auditory hallucinations.

As in the case of the beginning of waking up, human fluctuated between rapid eye movement “at the beggining of the dream” and slow, which takes approximately 90 minutes.

“Sleep paralysis” may happen for several reasons, most importantly, lack of sleep , stress and psychological disorders, sleeping on your back, and the use of some medications.

Four out of every ten people are dealing with “sleep paralysis”, and when you feel one of these symptoms do not panic because the more you do the longer the symptoms will be, stay calm and relax, even though it can be hard, but that’s the only solution.

here’s some tips that will make your sleep paralysis less frequent:

  • Maintaining a regular sleeping schedule is an essential self help therapy for sleep paralysis.
  • Regular exercise can be very much effective for people with sleep paralysis.
  • Aromatherapy is also recommended for sleep paralysis so as to reduce the unwanted stress that causes lack of sleep or generates the sleeping disorder. You can try figuring out the fragrances beneficial for you and make use of them in your regular life. Using herbal tea or essential oils in your bathing water can be extremely beneficial. Rose, Lavender, etc are some of the most common fragrances beneficial in reducing stress and essential for sleep paralysis.