From Now On You Will Never Throw Your Expired Skin Care Products

Skin Care Products

Have you ever find yourself in a middle of pile of expired skin care products or unwanted ones but your so attached to them and you can’t throw them away; well don’! Today we’re gonna show you how to still use them.

  • Lotion:

    If you have an expired lotion, use it to revive your leather shoes. Apply the lotion on a cotton pas and wipe your leather shoes with it. It not only cleans your shoe, but also gives it a shine.

  • Baby powder:

    put baby powder in your shoes in order to take of the stinky smell. leave it for a day, and dust it out. It leave your shoes smelling good.

  • Mouthwash:

    Sometimes, we can’t handle a certain mouthwash especially if it contains too much alcohol. If you found yourself in this case, don’t throw the mouthwash; instead, use it to clean toilet seats, sink, or to shine taps.

  • Shampoo:

    if it didn’t suite your hair, it will for sure suit your wool clothing. Use the shampoo as a detergent especially for your cashmere and wool clothes.

  • Conditioner:

    I would be surprised if I ever found someone with an expired conditioner; usually it the first item that gets used the most. But if you had one; use it as laundry softener especially the silk made ones.

  • Toner:

    toner cleans perfectly mirrors and glasses; put some on a cloth and wipe the windows or mirrors as you normally would.

Reusing your expired skin care products will not only make your bank account happy but also planet earth, because you contribute in creating a cleaner environment.