Everything a Makeup Vanity Set Should Have

Everything a Makeup Vanity Set Should Have

I’m not lying when I say that every beauty routine requires some organization and takes a lot of time to prepare and later store everything in its right place, right girls? That’s why a Vanity Set could be a major improvement in your daily beauty and makeup routines. Your vanity is the command center for all your morning activities! It’s where you stash your personal essentials to start the day in a good fresh mood and where you prepare yourself physically and mentally for another day at work. 

Whether it’s a decked-out table with a fancy chair and mirror or just a small section of your dresser top, you can make your vanity area both pretty and functional. Because let’s be honest, you don’t wanna be late for that special date looking for a missing earring or your favorite blush! So, don’t worry, I’m here to help you design and choose the best possible vanity set for you. Even though I got a little inspiration from Mirrorank’s list, I’ll go a little more in-depth on the overall designs of the sets. Let’s start with all the essential components one must have: 


Probably, the most important thing in every vanity set. If your vanity is set up on a small table or a low dresser, a large mirror (whether it’s hung on the wall or just leaning against it) can turn it into a glamorous dressing table. You can also opt for a smaller rounder one because even though a larger mirror might be great for the overall look of any space, a more petite standing one can prove to be really helpful for smaller tasks.


Little storage boxes are important to organize your pieces of jewelry and your makeup (we’ve all got that friend with the makeup table that looks more like a warzone than anything else). Most of the vanity tables come already with a storage cabinet but that might not be enough. There are a few options you could try that could really improve the looks and organization of your Vanity – brands like Kiara or Lacquer offer affordable and extremely cute little dividers that are amazing for every type of display you want. 


I’ll start with a pro tip: the cleanest table, the more joyful experience you’ll have – even if you aren’t that clean of a person. So, in that case, you’ll have to consider the space you need and pick a table according to your everyday materials. Smaller white modern Vanity Table sets with rounded rectangular mirrors are very popular this year. Not only is it a vanity table that is sure to match any decor with its clean white finish and neutral stool, but its simplistic beauty usually includes both a storage drawer and a tabletop makeup organizer.

Another great and modern option that has proved to be very useful and fashionable is the vanity tables with a lift top mirror – perfect to move around in every situation.

 Lastly, when it comes to design, it’s all about personal taste, so feel free to explore more extravagant ideas and bold statements, with, of course, your budget always in mind!


This is where most girls think they can cut on prices, but a comfortable chair is very important! It needs to be elegant and cozy, whether we’re talking about a chair or a stool (that decision is totally up to you, even though a stool can give you a bad posture first thing in the morning). The important thing to keep in mind is height. While sitting down, always make sure you have the right angle facing the mirror and you don’t need to place yourself in an awkward position to get fleek eyebrows.

Lights, Lights, Lights!

I consider lighting to be of the utmost importance in any vanity table. Maybe as important as the mirror, the goal here is to avoid unflattering shadows and always aim for the natural sunlight appearance. If your room doesn’t have natural light, don’t worry, as there are other options like LED lights or more warmer lighting bulbs. The first option is usually cheaper than the second and it comes with a variety of tones that can help you recreate the original sunlight. Try looking for a white neutral to emphasize the dark spots or difficult angles to reach.   

Now that you’ve got everything you need to design your dream vanity table, here are some amazing sets, ideal if you don’t want to get much trouble on building one yourself. Also, if your budget is a bit of a problem, don’t worry, as I narrowed it down to the top 3 most affordable vanity tables on the market: 

YOURLITEAMZ Vanity Table Set

Costing around $195, this set comes with a mirror, lights, a seat, and a fairly good size, even though, in terms of design, ”less is more”, and this model truly builds up to that saying. Perfect for smaller spaces, the adjustable brightness mirror allows you to adapt the light up to 3 different types of brightness. That way, you can apply some foundation and take care of your brows in one go, effortlessly.

Latitude Run Baldon Vanity 

For just a couple more bucks ($210), this modern stylish vanity set will prove to be your best friend, every morning. Even though it doesn’t come with a seat, it features 9 LED cool bulbs, meaning it will be super easy for you to do your hair or makeup with increased visibility. It also allows you to store your beauty tools in a large drawer and display your favorite perfume on its desktop.

Coaster Company White Vanity Set

Again, for around $200, the only big downside of this product is the lack of lights. But ladies, we all know how the white cleaner design is in fashion right now. Also, its contemporary smooth long legs are the perfect combination of elegance and utility. This vanity features one drawer with compartments for keeping your makeup organized and if you need some extra space, the mirror also opens to reveal hidden jewelry storage.

Time to Get Gorgeous

Time to Get Gorgeous

Now you are all set, girls! You know what a vanity table is, so enjoying the best time while doing your beauty routines is totally up to you. Make sure to always store the materials in a safe clean space to prevent future damage that might occur. Hopefully, I’ve helped you imagine your perfect vanity and if not, given you great choices to get inspired by. Thanks for reading and stay beautiful!

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