Perfect Oval Engagement Rings to buy in Canada

Perfect Oval Engagement Rings to buy in Canada

Are you planning to propose to someone? Or is your wedding nearing? Either way, you will need an engagement ring. If you are preparing to pop the big question to your partner or if your engagement is going to take place soon, you better look for the perfect oval engagement rings to buy in Canada


Why Oval Engagement rings?


Oval engagement rings seem to be the new favourite brides today. An oval-cut diamond ring will be perfect whether you are looking for a minimal, timeless ring or a vintage, old-fashioned one. 

The oval size of the ring will make it look bigger than the actual size of the carat. They have become very popular in today’s time. 

Look for oval engagement rings to buy in Canada if the bride is looking for something different. It is the perfect blend of classic with a twist. They feel feminine and new yet remain a timeless one. 


Steps to go through while buying an oval engagement ring


While shopping for the perfect oval engagement ring, you need to understand that each oval-cut diamond in each ring is unique. Look at them all carefully and with a keen eye before you select the one that suits you. Choose the one you are happy with. After all, you will be the one wearing it.

The diamonds used in the rings vary in their shape and size. Some might be long and thin, some have pointy ends, some diamonds are round and wide etc. They are all different. 

It is important to keep an eye out for a bow-tie effect or a dark-facet pattern in the diamond of the ring you choose. All oval-cut diamond rings will have this effect. But try to choose one that is as evenly bright as possible. 

Here are a few options in oval engagement rings to buy in Canada that might be perfect for you:

  • A double gold band with a diamond solitaire is the perfect option if you are looking for a modern option for your engagement ring. This is designed to look sleek, stylish and architectural. SHOP AT: Still House
  • A portrait-cut oval ring is an incredible option to choose and wear for the rest of your life. The inverted oval diamond lays nestled in the rose gold band that is decorated with adiamond. SHOP AT: Eva Fehren
  • If you are looking for a simple yet sophisticated engagement ring, go for a gold ring with a solitaire diamond that will make it stand out. SHOP AT: Lizzie Mandler
  • If you are looking uniquely designed rings, choose a gold rose split shank ring with a beautiful diamond solitaire. The design of the ring is intriguing and you will love it for sure. SHOP AT: Zales
  • Imagine a white gold ring embedded with diamonds and solitaire diamond amidst that. If that is what you are looking for, then choose a diamond ring with a white gold pave` band. SHOP AT: Vrai

These are just a few options to help you choose perfect oval engagement rings to buy in Canada. We hope you get the right one!  For more info, check here!