Christmas Styling Tips for Couples this holiday season!

Christmas Styling Tips for Couples

Christmas is around the corner, and couples worldwide must be eagerly waiting and planning for their next festive vacation, a thanksgiving dinner, or partying with friends and families. But, no matter the occasion, special events call for stylish and sophisticated outfits coupled with accessories that compliment them.

Here are a few styling tips for you to celebrate the Christmas festivities with elan. 

Let us start with the wardrobe 

It is a casual get-together, a formal thanksgiving dinner, or a mid-afternoon brunch; remember to dress according to the occasion and never overdo each other. Of course, you can experiment with the color combination, design, and attire, but the idea is to complement each other dressing as a couple and not overstep on each other.


Try to be in each other’s shoes 

There are many footwear options such as chunky boots, flats, loafers made of leather, canvas, or rexine in exciting designs that will add the oomph factor to your style statement. You can choose to go for the same type but with a different design. Like your ankle-length boots could match with her knee-length ones.


No bad hair day, please

This is something many couples ignore, but it is an essential style tip that no one should overlook. We are not advising you to be each other’s clone in looks, but her pixie haircut would look great with your spikes, and you can also play with hair colors by keeping the contrast in mind.  


Mind your Accessories

There is a lot of scope in this area. You can start with watches, belts, jewelry, wallets for him, and purses and handbags for her. Learn to pair them together in a way that they mingle and jingle with your look. He should not be flaunting his old sports watch with your stunning platinum bracelet; it is sinful.


Shining tusk from dawn to dusk

Your gleaming look together will be a waste in the absence of your shining glossy and clean teeth together. So, don’t avoid paying a visit to your dentist and get them fixed to prevent foul odor and yellow stains.

Smell good together

She loves her perfume to be light and subtle, and he goes for wild and intense or vice versa. You can mix and match the fragrance that goes with the time of the day and the occasion. Refrain your man to use body sprays on his attire and teach him to value a good perfume that lasts longer and could be a deal-breaker or deal maker.

Polish and don’t leave any mark

This style tip is for both of you. It is customary for all the men and women out there to get a manicure and pedicure, and this rule is non-negotiable. And for all the ladies, do remind yourself not to overdo the makeup, it is not a fashion parade but a festival to celebrate with your loved ones. Last but not least, trim the unwanted hair peeping out of nowhere that will spoil your look.