Matching Your Eye Makeup to Your Brow Game

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When it comes to your brows, it’s vital to ensure that you have the right products, as well as the perfect shade and colours. No matter if you wear pomade, gel, powder, or pencil, opting for a complementary shade makes a huge difference and makes them look like they’re naturally yours, as opposed to brows that have been badly drawn on! Now, to avoid this situation, we share our top tips on how to perfectly pair eye makeup to your eyebrows. We also discuss how to create a particular brow style with your preferred makeup look. A bold, dramatic brow with natural day makeup?! No sir! Here’s how to avoid these embarrassing makeup mistakes…

 Matching colours 

 Let’s start with one of the most important brow considerations – colour. When you think of the huge variety of hair colours, it’s impossible to find a one-colour-fits-all solution for obvious reasons. Every hair colour is unique and distinctive, and there are so many shades to consider. Because of this, it’s crucial to look for a brow product that has similar undertones to your hair. Let’s take blonde as a perfect example. There’s a big difference between warm and cool blonde, so finding the perfect shade is so vital. Because of this, EyebrowQueen stocks several blonde eyebrow pencils. For instance, the brow pro is available in blonde and bronde. This helps people with various shades of blonde – dark, warm, cool, or light – achieve their natural colour in their brows. Similarly, our Brown Brow Pro pencil is available in four contrasting shades to help you match your natural colour. 

 What’s your preferred look for your brows? 

 The correct shade of your brows is largely down to personal preference, and it depends on the style that you’re hoping to pull off. If you’re hoping for a bold brow, for instance, you’re likely to opt for something slightly darker than your natural hair colour. In contrast, if you’re hoping to pull off a natural look, you’re likely to pick the shade that best resembles your natural colouring. We’ve gone into more detail about shade colour in a recent blog that you can check out here: Should Your Eyebrows Be Lighter or Darker than Your Hair? You will also find Nilam’s top tips and advice on choosing the perfect brow colour. 

 Pairing Your Brows with Your Eye Makeup Look 

 As opposed to doing your brows in the same way each and every day, it’s a good idea to mix things up just like you change your daily makeup routine. One of your first considerations when doing your brows should be the look you’re going for, as mentioned. For instance, if you’re going for a bold and heavy eyebrow, subtle and minimal ‘barely there’ makeup isn’t the best choice. It will draw attention away from the eye and upset the balance of your face, and your brow will most likely look overpowering as a result. We believe that a strong brow look is complemented by selecting a dramatic and clean liquid liner makeup look (or even a smokey eye look, to give a particular example). Conversely, a bold smokey eye look wouldn’t pair well with a light, natural brow. Therefore, it’s so important that you strike the perfect balance between the brow and your chosen makeup.