How To Choose The Right Tshirt


In its early days, the T-shirt was a staple in the men’s wardrobe. A few years later, in 1913, because of its practicality and ease of cleaning, T-shirt was adopted by the military, notably by the United States Navy: the US Navy.

Normally cotton, collarless and short-sleeved, this timeless piece has however evolved and is presented today in a multitude of cuts, materials and colors in order to conquer all styles as well as all styles and morphologies. There’s different ways to wear the T-shirt. While it was, when it was created, a plain color basic, the T-shirt has now become a real timeless one and comes in a multitude of cuts, colors, and prints!

All T-shirts have a fit and adjusted cut, for a chic and masculine silhouette. On the Ethical Women collection, some models have a loose fit for a casual and trendy look: to look relaxed and dressed at the same time!

the T-shirt is a timeless item of any wardrobe, it is nevertheless important to choose it well! We explain …

First important element: the material and the design

T-shirt fabrics are usually 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and synthetic fibers or 100% Polyester or a mix of synthetic fiber, cotton and rayon; For thinner cheaper t-shirts a jersey material is used, for thicker t-shirts a sweatshirt jersey is used; for more drapey and costly t-shirts an interlock fabric is used; Cotton spandex is also used for stretchy t-shirt.

The designs printed on the graphic t-shirt can sometimes take precedence over even the fabric type or anything else. The artworks, cool texts, quotes etc on the t-shirt fronts are usually what attracts you to one in the first place and all other considerations can pale and fade away if you have fallen in love with one.. Steven Rhodes shirts, for example, has unique and dark humor designs that best fit people who want to wear something extraordinary than a plain tee.

Here some exemples of cool T-shirt designs :

– The funny T-shirt :

To all pizza lover in the world, this T-shirt says it all. Show your love for pizza by owning this T-shirt.

PIZZA Zodiac sign T-Shirt


– The “statement” T-shirt:

Love all races and embrace the differences, this is what the world need these days.
Let’s all treat other like we want to be treated.
Spread love and equality, it’s free

When it Comes to race I'm colorblind


With all the nasty acts that are now happening, let’s remind ourselves that hate is leading us nowhere but hell. Being different should bring us closer and make us united. So let’s stop the hate! wear it and let other see it

Let's Stop The Hate

– The “90’s era ” T-shirt:
If you were born in the 90’s or know someone who was, this is the T-shirt for you.
Embrace the era of the 90’s and rock it.

90'S KID