Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Oxidized Silver Jewellery


With all its charm and fine craftsmanship, oxidized silver jewellery is a voguish option for those people who love jewellery. The gleam of the black silver is often equated to the beauty of the moon. From contemporary jewellery designs to art sculptures, wherever you look there’s a blackened silver piece present. And the fact that oxidized silver makes any gemstone pop with its contrasting backdrop is so alluring! But have you ever wondered what actually is oxidized silver? And most importantly what causes its black colour?

About oxidized silver

Oxidized silver is a piece of sterling silver jewellery that is intentionally darkened by a chemical process. The colour is achieved by exposing the silver jewellery piece to sulfides which in return speeds up the tarnishing process of the surface. A layer of sulfide gets formed on the surface of the piece thus giving it a blackish look. 

Jewellers mostly use a combination of sulfur and potassium sulfide to achieve the black colour. The term ‘oxidizing’ or ‘oxidized’ is thus used as a layman’s term, as oxygen plays zero roles in the process. This process has become famous due to the antique look that it gives to the jewellery items. 

Like other patinas, oxidized silver is also just a surface treatment and it does not change the internal properties of the metal.

Oxidized silver jewellery has become one of the most popular in the modern segment of jewellery. In fact, the demand for this type of jewellery is more than that for gold jewellery. With the increasing prices of gold, many jewellery designers now prefer to curate ornaments made of silver. People with modest income are more inclined to buy oxidized silver jewellery because of their distinct looks and also because they come under their budget.

Oxidized silver jewellery has also been integrated into the fashion industry on a very big scale. The increasing demands of the customers have also pushed jewellery designers to come up with modern and trendy designs to enhance the appeal and escalate the sales. 

 Miorah’s selection of oxidized jewellery pays homage to the age-old designs of silver jewellery. Our handcrafted jewellery pieces echo the glorious past while gleaming with trendy and unique patterns. 

Why choose Miorah’s designs?

Miorah offers the best online selection of oxidized silver jewellery.  Our alluring collection showcases our unparalleled devotion to present our customers with jewellery pieces that they can hold on to. We take pride in our designs that showcase a fusion of the traditional motifs woven in harmony with the modern elements. Be it necklaces, earrings, anklets, and everything in between, every jewellery item is inspired by the various cultures residing in every nook and corner of India. We offer designs in plain oxidized silver, embellished with semi-precious gemstones like American diamonds, garnet Cz, peridot, etc. 

How to take care of your oxidized silver jewellery?

As mentioned before, oxidized silver jewellery only goes through a surface treatment. The top metal particles of the product have only been blackened by the process. Therefore, depending on the amount of time you wear the pieces, the oxidized finish will erode off and the actual colour of silver will be visible again.

Before purchasing any blackened silver piece, do brace yourself with the fact that the look of the same piece will change over time. 

Jewellery pieces such as earrings and necklaces that come into minimal contact with their surroundings are most likely to wear off late. Whilst pieces like rings and bracelets tend not to hold their polish for a long time, as they get rubbed on more frequently. We will always advise you to remove your oxidized jewellery before any sort of aggressive contact like showering, swimming, sleeping to prolong the dark colour. When you are cleaning your oxidized silver pieces, we advise against dipping any sort of chemicals as it may damage them and strip away the black colour. Always clean your oxidized silver jewellery with a soft cloth and perform minimum rubbing on the surface. 

Styling Tips

Miorah’s extensive selection of oxidized silver jewellery is the perfect compliment for your ethnic and traditional dresses. As Mother Nature is our biggest inspiration, we use motifs of peacocks, leaves, flowers, paisley bestowing the pieces with a traditional touch. Our embellished items will add a tincture of glamour and sparkle to your casual outfits. Pair it with your saree for a statement look. Or match our jhumka earrings with your lehengas for a more elegant and colourful look.  

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