Top 5 Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger


Have people ever mistaken you for 40 when you’re only 25? Do you feel old and worn with your current hairstyle? Would you like to look your age or, even better, younger than you are?

 If you want to chop off the years brought on by the wrong hairstyle, then read on. We have put together some of the easiest hairstyles that can make you look more youthful. All you need is to do some research, head down to a reputable salon, and get haircut and hairstyling services that will turn your hair from drab to fab.

Make the Cut

There are essential elements that you need to consider when looking for the perfect hairstyle. 

For one, you have to consider your face shape. Some professional hairstylists would even consider your body shape in deciding what kind of cut or style to do for your hair.

 You also have to consider your hair texture and hair type. Some hairstyles would work best on fine hair, while others will suit medium or thick hair. 

Aside from these considerations, you also need to weigh factors such as how often you want to go to a salon, how much time you put in styling your hair, or even how much you want to spend on haircuts.

 One of the most important factors when deciding on a hairstyle is your choice of hair salon. Getting your hair done in a top-notch salon would work to your advantage since your hair will be handled by seasoned hairstylists.

Eating right, exercising regularly, and using the best skincare products can help you feel and look younger. For a more youthful visage, you can also add a fabulous hairstyle. Here are some youthful hairstyles that you can consider when you sit down and talk to your stylist:

1. Bangs

 Do you want to rock it boho-style like JLo, or get seriously chic with Kendall Jenner’s fringes? Whoever your icon for the best bangs would be, getting this style will surely add a youthful quality to your face.

 Bangs (also called a fringe) can help make your face appear smaller. While it can be reminiscent of those cute baby dolls you had growing up, your bangs can get an age-appropriate version when handled by a pro. Work with your hairstylist to check what kind of fringe would work best with your face shape and upkeep considerations.

2. Bobs

 Whether you want a bob or a lob (a trendy name for a long bob), bobs are popular hairstyles that can help you project a more youthful vibe. Sitting just below your chin (in the case of most short bobs), a bob helps by chopping off weighty hair from your face. Typically, bobs frame the jawline, but there are now different variations that you can choose from.


You can have a stacked bob, which features graduated layers at the back, or an A-line bob where the hair is longer in front compared to the back. Be sure to check with your hairstylist what kind of bob would work best on you.

3. Braids

 Traditional braids, messy braids, loose French braids, lovely fishtails, fanciful milkmaid braids, trendy headband braids, or whimsical unicorn braids — these are just some of the braids that you can have your hairstylist do for you. You can get dry braids or even wet braids (doused with a little macadamia oil for a leave-in hair treatment).

 Braids are fun yet straightforward hairstyles that can instantly make you look younger. You can also add an exciting twist to your hair by having it braided any which way you want. It works with short, medium-length or long hair, so you can create unique variations that can contribute to a more girlish look.

 4. Pixie Cut

 A pixie cut is a short hairstyle that often has long hair at the top then tapers down to your nape. It’s a statement haircut that is incredibly versatile, suiting most face shapes such as heart, oval, and round. It’s perfect for showing off your ears and highlighting your cheekbones.

 Pixie cuts are perfect for women who don’t have much time, energy, or the inclination to spend hours on their hair. To keep pixie cuts from looking flat and limp, the right styling products should be used. You should also have an expert hairstylist do your hair to avoid getting a rough cut.

5. Long Layers

 You can also appear younger when you go for long, wavy, mermaid-like hair. Just make sure that a seasoned hairstylist handles your locks. Let them add some highlights or lowlights, and you will undoubtedly glow with a fresh vibe.

 Long, thick hair is given a new lease on life when stylists give it soft layers by cutting just a few inches from the ends. Some feathered fringes or side-swept bangs may also be added, depending on the shape of your face.

Hairstyles for a Younger-Looking You

 Eliminate the stress of being mistaken for someone older by having your tresses tended to by a professional hairstylist. When you opt to go to a top salon, experts will take care of your hair from root to tip, ensuring that you come out looking and feeling young and beautiful.