Does Ear Candling Work ?

Does Ear Candling Work

Described by medical professionals as bogus, “a solution in search of a problem,”  the method of removing earwax that employs heated beeswax, known as ear candling, is a staple treatment for many when their ears get clogged up.  But does ear candling actually work?

The ear candling process

  • First, lie on your side and make sure your face and outer ear are protected by something like a plate
  • The practitioner should gently insert the tapered end of the candle into your ear canal at a 90 degree angle from the ear
  • For 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll enjoy the pleasant, crackling sound of the burning candle as the practitioner cuts off the end of the cloth every two inches or so. When about four inches remain, the candle is removed from the ear and then blown out.
  • Turn over. Repeat.

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Does ear candling work ?

Scientific studies have also shown the little beneficial effects of ear candling. A report published in the 1996 on the medical journal Laryngoscope stated that “Ear candling have no benefit in earwax management, but they can cause serious injury.”

In fact, misused, ear candling can cause burns, obstruction of the ear canal, and even perforation of the tympanic membrane. This process is highly criticized, especially in Canada and the United States.

On the Health Canada website, we learn that “it is illegal to sell it in Canada for medical purposes. In addition, the importation of ear candling is prohibited in both Canada and the United States. What to make users think …

These candles cause deposits in the external auditory canal. These deposits will induce an increase in the production of wax because they are considered as foreign bodies. “Also misleading advertising around this product.