Macro Diet For Lossing Weight

macro diet

What is a macro diet?

According to Dr. Tania Dempsey, macro diet consists of “counting” the proportions of the macro nutrients which are: fat, carbs, proteins you’re eating within your calorie goal, and in what ratios.

In results of consuming the right ratio of these macro-nutrients is to lose weight or build muscle, it depends on your aim of the diet plan. Macro dieting consists of taking equal proportions of carbohydrates and protein, and less proportion of fat which is equivalent to: 20% fat, 40% protein, and 40% carbs.

A macro diet meal would be like: a small steak, steamed vegetables drizzled with some olive.

How to find out if a macro diet is right for you?

These days, we’ve seen so much hype about dieting, everywhere you go on social media you’ll find these different types of diets. Before you actually start a certain diet, one thing you should never skip is: doing your research.

Not all diets are made for everyone, make sure you get as many information as possible, and don’t forget to read the reviews, they do help.

The latest diet of the moment is the macro diet. To know if it’s the right diet plan for you, stay tuned. With the help of some of the best registered dietitians and experts, we got everything you need to know.

Why are macro diet is so popular?

macro dietEating different group of food in the The right proportion isn’t new to anyone. But it gained more popularity because of models,Cross-fitters and bodybuilders ere swearing by the results of macro dieting.

These people commit to this diet because of two main things: there’s many apps that help you keep your diet on track, and the second reason: many people can’t live without carbs, so the fact that they can still consume it, as long as they respect the ratio mentioned before, they’re good.

Another reason why macro dieting is getting more attention is because it goes well with any lifestyle and food choice. Macro diet promote a healthy balanced eating, instead of starving yourself to death.

What are the benefits?

Just like any other diet, macro diet has it’s own pros and cons. But nutritionist and experts agree on the fact that there’s more benefits than cons.

They bring awareness to portion control :
We’re always tempted by food especially after a long day of work, or workout, or when we are on vacation. But macro diet will make you aware of the portion sizes and nutrition in every meal we eat, and that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

It promotes a healthy lifestyle :
Macro diet will help strengthen your immune system , because your meals will mainly be filled with vegetables, fruits and fibers. And if you were struggling with frequent constipation, macro dieting is the solution.

For more astonishing results, it is recommended to add a workout routine to your macro diet. The workout routine should be something you enjoy, it can be a 45 min of random dancing or 45 min of jogging, or simply changing some of your daily habits like: taking the stairs instead of the elevator, walking to your grocery store instead of driving….
Macro diet will speed up your metabolism, and will keep your blood sugar in check.

What are some downfalls?
So far, everything sounds so good to be true. But of course the results depends on how much time and effort and commitment you’re willing to put into the macro diet. At first, you may get stressed because macro diet acquires the respect of the ratio that we’ve mentioned before, but that’s when macro diet apps comes in handy.

You might get bored :
Especially if you were used to eating without checking the label and nutrition facts. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine.One thing you should never fall into is repetitive meals, when you’ll start to eat the same meals over and over you’ll get bored, and blame it on the macro diet. And chances of you cheating will raise.

You can get lost in numbers — instead of nutrition :
Keeping up with the ratio is not easy task at first. People can get lost in the numbers. Macro diet look at the day as whole instead of meals.

This can make people load a meal with a certain type of macro, and skip it in the following meal. And this will lead to an unbalanced way of eating, which is totally the opposite of what macro diet aim for.

It can be restrictive to your social life :
If you were the type of person that goes out and eat a lot with your friends, macro diet can be a bit of pain in the back. It is hard to keep on track your diet when your friends are indulging their meals.

You won’t loose anything if you wanna try the macro diet, it will be a good experience. However don’t torture yourself, enjoy the diet as much as possible. Try to plan your meals a day before, and pick up the ingredients yourself.

That way you won’t feel bored. If you will incorporate workout and macro diet, keep in mind that the diet will change too; macro diet is as dynamic as you.