These Looks Will Make You Fall In Love With Patterned Tights

patterned tights

We are aware that fashion changes with every season. Recently it has been seen that the ladies are more attracted to patterned tights that tend to be a little bit special .You will come across many amazing Patterned tights. The best part is that they will go with any type of dress and will make you look amazing.

Now here’s the fundamental rules you need to know when styling this type of tights:


  • Never wear them with patterned dresses, it too much going on, and it will make you look like you’re in Carnival.
  • Wear them with high heels to highlight both the curve of your legs and the pattern.
  • For curvy women, avoid tights that contains polkadots or too designs.
  • And finally, avoid the “rainbow look”, always respect the 3 colors rule, again you’re not in a Carnival nor in a kindergarten party.

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Here’s a lookbook of different patterned tights that can inspire your next look:

So match your dress with as many Patterned tights as you like. It will help you create the Hollywood look that stars are in love with. So grab your pair of tights today and wear it tomorrow.