Types of Women’s Wool Coats

Types of Women's Wool Coats

Winter is all about feeling cosy and warm at the same time not leaving your style statement.  There are a few pieces of clothing that always needs to stay in your wardrobe, specially that handy pieces of clothing that you prefer pairing up with almost all your attire during winter days. The first thing that hits up anyone’s mind is wool coats. They are perfect outerwear that are chic and flattering options for everyone despite your shape size etc.

Today we are going to explain the varieties of wool coats available in the market so that you can find out the perfect go-to cold-weather piece.
This staple piece is ideal to throw it on an everyday piece. If you think woollen jackets are limited to only certain styles then you are wrong. Wool is an amazing material that can de be designed and stitched in varieties of cuts, silhouettes, and thickness. It could be short, long, and medium-sized. It could have a jacket, overcoat or a blazer silhouette. Here is all that you need to know about the varieties of wool coats.
Depending on the warmth you want to get a wool coat is categorize in 3 major types

Wool coats for extra cold weather

It is usually the thickest and the warmest wool coat that is designed to protect you from extreme cold.  It is available in various sizes. The one with long sleeves and knee-length is the most popular one to deal with cold weather and for extra warmth.  They also come with an extra layer to give you warmth. Look out for the lining and then select one of the padded linings.

Wool jacket for Moderate cold

If you live in an area where winters stay for a particular duration in a year then this jacket is a perfect option for you. Few styles that go with moderate cold wool jacket s is single-breasted one, you can keep them open at times. Being causal it can be paired with any attire.

Light Weather wool coat

If you are living near equator then pick up very light and thin wool jackets. Not all wool jackets are made to protect you from cold. Few of them are designed to add a little punch of layering during chill weather. Choose by checking the weight and warmth of the fabric.  In this case, look for see-through design and never go for the inner lining. Here you can play with the style at its max.

Timeless styles of a wool coat.

When it comes to classic the first one that hits up my mind is a trench coat. This timeless and classic piece made with wool has been the most popular outerwear for every girl. Especially black, white and Camel-colored woollen trench looks elegant and polished and it goes with any outfit.  It keeps you warm during chill night out and stylish on winter mornings. A woollen trench coat is especially good for layering and you can style it over sweaters and other winter clothing to get extra warmth.  

Monotone bright colour woollen coat.

This type of wool coat is a statement piece. Yes, if you are tired of wearing the same old dull colors then brighten up your winter look with bright wool coats.  Some of the hot picks are orange, red, and yellow. These fascinating choices of colours for wool coats instantly brighten up your complete look. 

Bomber or Biker style wool jackets.

Most of you must have at least one or two bomber jackets but I am pretty sure they must be in leather or other fabrics. It is time to try a bomber jacket in wool. These wool jackets look chic and tomboyish. This new trendy woollen bomber jackets can be seen during ramp walks by popular designers. The kind of look you get is very confident yet a bit feminine. Just because its a bomber jacket that doesn’t mean you have to wear them only when riding a bike. Bomber wool jackets are perfect for hangouts and events when paired with pencil skirts or ripped jeans.

 Faux Fur woollen coats

A completely new and yet to explored trend in woollen coats. It is probably just the most stylish way of keeping yourself warm, stylish, and edgy all at the same time. It has the potential to convert any borning outfit stylish and feminine. Having one piece of faux fur wool jacket is important to set your every outfit apart wherever you go. Some all-time hot picks in faux fur coats are pink, nude, blush, etc.

Hope you won’t treat woollen coats a boring piece of attire for your cool winter days anymore. Keep trying varieties of wool coat s throughout winter and beat the chill with your hot looks and warm wool coats.