With These Remedies, Acne Scars Will Be A Part Of Your Past

Acne Scars

Vitamin E, one of the best things to get rid of acne scars. Apply it to your face daily with a small massage until it is completely absorbed.

We all suffered at one point in our lives from acne , it can be associated with hormonal changes or skin type. But it is just as not good to reach a certain age and always have the acne scars.These scars are caused when acne has not healed properly.

To understand a little more about what acne scars are, as well as their origin, we must keep in mind that blackheads (get rid of blackheads) are an enlargement of the sebaceous glands in the skin; The bacteria and the sebum accumulate and cause this problem.

The areas most affected are the face and the back. Acne can be mild or severe: it can simply be whiteheads or blackheads, but it can also turn into painful cysts under the skin and filled with pus.

These cysts are likely to leave acne scars on the skin, especially if touched. Indeed, squeezing them always causes an infection resulting into scars on our skin.

Types of Acne Scars

Acne Scars

Pigmentation scars: These are the spots that appear when the acne go away; They present a pigmented complexion that either is pinkish or brown , they take time before disappearing.

Acne marks

They are holes in the skin caused by an acne lesion where there was pus. We ourselves cause these wounds when we burst the pimple.

Natural remedies for acne scars

The natural remedies we suggest are the most used in the creams that we usually buy for this type of issue and are quite expensive. We must point out that the results are not immediate: we must follow the treatment and apply every day, especially at night. Over the long term, these troublesome spots produced by acne will be part of the past.

Aloe vera:

remedies for acne scars

Its leaves contain a gels with incredible regenerative properties. They are very beneficial for our skin, especially for treating and eliminating stretch marks, burns and acne pimples. Simply take at least one teaspoon of aloe gel and apply it on the scars, then leave it on for 30 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

Baking Soda:

Baking soda has an exfoliating effect that’s effective especial for light scars. Just wet your face and apply a pinch of baking soda for a few seconds on the spots, then rinse with lukewarm water. Do not overdo this remedy: applying it once a week is more than enough, because baking soda can damage sensitive skin.


Perfect for skin whitening. You can use it before going to sleep, soak a cotton in lemon juice and apply it to the spots for about fifteen minutes. It is very important not to expose yourself to the sun with this remedy, it can cause even more pigmentation. It should always be done at night, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen during the day.


Regenerating and softening. In case of oily skin for example, we can mix it with egg yolk to make a mask, which is ideal for removing acne scars. Apply the honey to the scars, then leave to act for 20 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

Musk rose oil:

Just like honey, it has regenerative properties to relieve damaged skin. It removes stretch marks and scars by creating new tissues. It can be applied before going to sleep. Its perfume is also very pleasant.


It has exfoliating properties and is rich in beta-carotene, making it an ideal fruit for skin health. To benefit from all its properties, we can cut a few thin slices and leave them on our face for about ten minutes. If you have a little more time, you can also make a toner based on tomato juice and cucumber: to do this, mix a tomato and a half cucumber juice. All you need to do is damp a cotton with this mixture and apply it to the affected areas. It’s that simple!

Vitamin E:

This vitamin is essential for the care of our skin. You will find it in pharmacy. It is ideal for illuminating, toning and regenerating the skin, while fighting infections. The scars of the skin gradually disappear if you apply it every day with a small massage on the face to help it’s absorption. Vitamin E is the best remedy against acne scars.