Feeling Turd-Overload? Drop the Load With This


Have you ever done those pre and post-poo scaling marathons where you can see a difference in how much the poo inside actually weighs? You wake up first thing in the morning, flush out a streamy pee, and hop on the scale: the results can be up to 3lbs! Yet, some articles claim that adults may have 5–20lbs of food stuck inside their swollen colon (even Harvard did research on that).

Sorry, Harvard, but the person who’s carrying 20lbs of repulsive noxious sludge has to be hospitalized asap. The amount of gut waste is massive.

But yes, the fact that we store lanes of excess waste in our gut is creepily inevitable. Depending on your age, height, body mass buildup, and other factors – you can be a warehouse of 10lbs of nastiness. 

How Did We Entrap the Turd?

Tons of reasons. But mainly, our diets.

It wouldn’t be typical of us if we wouldn’t live by a good old American diet. Processed foods are everywhere. And if you’re going to rant about how there are tons of products in the market – just a tiny amount passes the healthy label check. Lots of sucralose and difficult-to-digest artificial additives make it way harder to live a constipation-free life.

Your gut is screaming from terror right now. That’s why we get clogged and blocked all the time; the body simply can’t handle the stress. And if not treated properly or on time, irregular bowel movements can turn into severe constipation. And you don’t want that.

Poo is also your excess blood and organ cells your body doesn’t need anymore. If you’re getting over an injury or disease, you’ll probably have a few extra pounds to get rid of.

Then there are the direct factors of how long it has been since you pooped. For instance, a bad round of sushi can teach you that you can hold at least 10lbs of poop and stomach bile.

So basically, it varies wildly from person to person, minute to minute. And here are some tips on how to get that log down the drain without much trouble.

4 Bloat-Busting Tips for Efficient “Evacuation”


The benefits of a healthy digestive system are divine. To reach the levitating, empty-bowel euphoria, you can try this:

#1. Squat your way to the privy

Yes, a little exercise is mandatory for this step. Gently massaging your belly will show instant improvement in your bowel movements. Simple exercises, such as squatting, stretching your legs, or even a 20-minute walk, will get things working’ in no time.

#2. A glass of lemon water, please!

In restaurants, we politely sip the offered cold beverage, but somehow we forget that we have the same privilege at home. Not a privilege, a necessity. Water helps bulk up stool and get “the thing” moving more smoothly through the intestine. Squeeze some lemon in the glass, and you get a double relief combo.

#3. Recharge the gut with fiber supps

When your intestines feel bulged… Have a sip of a fiber supplement smoothie. We know this sounds scammy and over the top, but studies show that fiber indeed makes things go smoother and easier. And having a fiber supplement with additional nutrients is the easiest, tastiest, and fastest way to potty success.

If you’re not a fan of physical activity or just simply don’t want to bother your daily diet with tons of fiber-induced leafy greens, veggies, or legumes – don’t. A perfect solution for you would be ColonBroom – a blooming dietary fiber supplement. It not only relieves constipation and bloating but also increases metabolism and feeds your good gut bacteria with nutrients.

The lovely thing about it is the key ingredient, psyllium husk, and the magic of 0 sugar. People who use ColonBroom say that it’s the best treat for their meals, with no gritty bland taste or texture whatsoever.

Have a quick sneak peek here

#4. Colon-cleansing snacks should be in your diet

While the headline doesn’t sound appealing, the down below listed treats might boost your “chuting” process.

  • Dried fruits
  • Prunes, apples
  • Various nuts (but mostly almonds, pecans)
  • If you’re a coffeeholic – coffee, if not – herbal, detox tea (green ones are the most popular)

Now don’t overdose on these since all of them have a similar effect to laxatives. If too much, get ready for an intense experience…

Bottom Line

So, how much stool is in the human body? Honestly, why bother? It’s important to keep our system flowin’ and glowing. While we might end up constipated or bloated from time to time, there are easy ways to eliminate umm… spackle. And beneficial ones too! 

Remember to stay hydrated, and remember that being “full of ” is normal. (Not on a daily basis, though…)