Can Popping Pimples On Your Nose Kill You?

popping pimples nose kill

Did you know that popping pimples on your nose can kill you?Just like Bermuda, there’s a triangle of death in your face, the area of ​​the bridge of your nose extending to the corners of your mouth is referred to the triangle of death said Dr Oz.

The reason behind it:

The reason for that name is because that area is the home of too many blood vessels that flow towards the back of the head, where they intersect with the veins at the base of the brain.
This means that if we popped a pimple in the triangle of the area of ​​death, we run the risk of getting infection in one of these important blood vessels.

How to prevent pimples:

First, one way to prevent the formation of blackheads is to avoid using harsh cleansers on your face.
If your skin is tight or itchy after using your cleanser, that’s a sign of how bad that cleanser is, it could be too strong for your skin type.
Try to swap it with a mild cleanser to reduce the risk of irritation and excess sebum production, which can contribute to even more blackheads.
Another tip, is no matter how exhausted you are, don’t sleep with makeup on; please don’t!