Beautiful hair right straight out of bed

Beautiful hair right straight out of bed

Having beautiful hair in the morning is possible!

Messy / untamed hair is a women’s worst enemy in the morning. Yet waking up with beautiful hair is possible. And it starts with care to make them healthy. Regular masks are essential for nourishing, hydrating and repairing hair that is a target to daily aggressions. It is also important to have a good hair routine, making sure to use suitable products. If you do already, you are half way through the right path. But you gonna need something more …

The technique to have beautiful hair in the morning.

Never sleep with wet hair.

For thick hair, especially, sleeping without drying them will cause frizz that will be difficult to remove in the morning. So always dry them before you go to bed. It is recommended to use the “cold air” function, if you use a hair dryer, because it allows a natural finish and no frizz.

Change pillowcase.

Avoid pillowcases made of cotton, linen or synthetic material. To have princess hair, you lady nees to sleep on silk! Indeed, the softness of the fabric prevents the dehydration of the hair.

Loosen your ponytail or bun when sleeping.

The hair becomes more brittle and can be damaged more easily when they are constantly tied at night. you can tie your hair long but not too much, and with a metal-free elastic. And for a wavy effect without frizz, choose to apply a conditioner after your shampoo, then dry them and tie them in big braids or wrap them in a silk scarf.

Brush / massage your hair every night.

Brushing daily is essential to stimulate micro-circulation in the scalp, distribute the natural oils of the hair so that all the parts are hydrated, but also eliminate the impurities. Go slowly to not break the hair.

Better, you can simply massage your scalp with your fingertips for a few minutes before you go to bed.

Appropriate care.

We rely on 100% natural products for awesome effects! Argan oil (restorative) olive oil (nourishing), coconut oil (anti frizz), sweet almond oil … you are spoiled for choosing a homemade mask.

Ideally, wrap your hair in a silk scarf or a dry towel, they will only be more silky. Wash your hair the next day with your usual shampoo and let them air-dry if possible, as hot air destroythem.