Botox Vs. Dysport: What’s the Best Option for You?

Botox Vs Dysport

You’ve lived your best life – there’ve been ups and downs, and you’ve asked a lot from your face. The good times have been full of smiles, laughter, and even the odd tear, and the bad times – well, those have been full of tears, frowns, crying jags, ice cream, and even the odd evil smile. Your face has been good to you through the years, and now, maybe, you intend to return the favour with a bit of fine-wrinkle reduction.

Currently, for those living in North America, the most popular options for relieving your skin of those years of well-lived life include the reigning champ: Botox, and the young challenger: Dysport.

What is Botox/Dysport?

Both Botox and Dysport are very similar in their chemical makeup and in the way they affect your face. They’re both neurotoxins that work to relax muscle tissue within your face to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Both are similarly injected into the desired area, where they prevent the muscles from contracting. This relaxation of the muscle, and resulting decrease in motion, reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The results of this, with both Botox and Dysport, are only temporary, lasting anywhere from 3-6 months.

While both Botox and Dysport work in a similar way, and for a similar time period, they are not interchangeable.


The original, Botox, has been around for over 20 years, making it a well-known, well-trusted answer to fine lines and wrinkles. Botox has larger molecules than Dysport, which can be beneficial, or a drawback, depending on what part of the face you’re targeting. It is also diluted differently than its competition, making smaller injections of Botox make a bigger difference.

*Botox works well for targeting smaller, finer areas of the face.


The newcomer on the scene, Dysport has been available overseas, in places like Europe, for a long time. Dysport, possibly because of its smaller molecule size, offers greater diffusion throughout the face and takes effect quicker, making it a great option if you have a special event a few days from now.

*Dysport works well for targeting larger areas of the face.

Botox Vs. Dysport: Your Choice Boils Down to Professional Advice and Personal Preference

At the end of the day, the choice between Botox and Dysport is yours to make, in conjunction with the professional advice from your doctor. Their effect is virtually the same, their price-point very similar, with the only major difference being in their effectiveness in surface area.

The most important factor to consider when looking into facial injections is the skill of your doctor. Be sure you do your research, and find a reputable clinic with great reviews, solid doctors, and a caring staff – like EverYoung Medical Aesthetics Centre.

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