Why You Should Seriously Consider Getting Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Getting lash extensions is, in fact, a commitment. Are you someone who can’t commit to something? Many women have got a fear of eyelash extensions just because they do not know where to do them, how much they cost and are they truly worth it. If and when done right, eyelash extensions can boost your confidence, save you some time in the morning, and make you look like a diva no matter if it is day or night. If you are still indecisive then here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider lash extensions.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Extensions

  1. Time-Saving Option


Imagine waking up every morning and looking glamorous? It is possible-when done right. Eyelash extensions are a handy solution for those who want to get some additional beauty sleep in the morning. You will save a lot of time since your whole makeup routine will change. No more need for eyelash curlers nor fake eyelashes, as well as mascaras. You are probably saving 50% of your time by getting them. Also, think about your nighttime routine. You will cut that in half as well since you won’t have that much to remove. If you are someone who needs some spare time you should consider getting extensions.

  1. Long Lasting

Did you know that lashes are quite long lasting? If you take care of them and do your regular refills, they can last you for months and months to come! Usually, your lashes can last a whole 3 week period without a need for a touch-up. Getting them is a must if you want to have a beautiful pair 24/7! Besides, they can survive even the heaviest conditions such as steam, wind, water, and definitely a whole bunch of makeup on top. Women usually prefer lash extensions for the summer and when at the beach. One more reason for you to get them due to the holiday season.

  1. Money Saving

Many women are not even aware of this fact, but yup, it is true. Eyelash extensions can save you money. Now, they do cost a lot in the first place, but they are a long-lasting outcome. They are a money saving solution in terms that you do not need any additional tools, such as mascaras, eyeliners, fake lashes, glue, tweezers and etc. No need for expensive makeup removers either. Just buy the one that is oil free and you are all set. Your only expense is your lash lady. Make sure you revisit your certified esthetician once a month and have your lashes fixed and refilled. Once compared to all the drugstore options and purchases it is really an affordable and durable option.

  1. Gym Savior

You will feel and look a lot better when working out. Many women believe that lashes help out with confidence. They are sweat proof as well as water resistant, which is perfect for women who love to work out at the gym. This means that you can wear them without worrying about anything. Say goodbye to smudging of your previously used eyeliners and mascaras, since this is the real deal. You can wipe your face with a towel and not worry about any unwanted residue, woohoo!

  1. Subtle and Natural

Your makeup will always look subtle and natural, or you can spice it up and go into a drama mode. Your new lash extensions can:

  1. Feel comfortable
  2. Feel lightweight
  3. Look subtle
  4. Or extravagant if you apply some makeup on top

They are a versatile solution which you can customize per your preferences and needs. The best part is that they are low maintenance while still looking high end.

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