Top 4 Tips For Taking Care Of Blonde Hair Between Appointments

Blonde Hair Between Appointments

We’ll say it only once, but blondes do have more fun whether you’re platinum or strawberry. The upkeep can be less fun though, and there’s a lot of information online to sift through. 

So your appointment is complete, it’s Friday, and you’re ready to tear up the town with your blonde newness. A few days pass, and things might be looking a little brassy. Your next touch up appointment isn’t for six weeks. So what next?

Tip One: Wash Less.

This one might seem a bit icky, but hear us out. Shampoos that are heavier on the sulfates and alcohol will dry out your hair. Even the salon recommended moisturizing shampoos will still dry out and strip hair. 

Break out a gentle dry shampoo, and aim to wash your hair 2-3 times per week, preferably with cool water as this will help your damaged cuticles stay closed, which helps stave off brassiness. 

Whilst in the shower, try reaching for a deep conditioning mask or leave-in conditioner instead of the usual suds. 

Tip Two: Go purple.

Finding good quality purple shampoo is one of the best things you can do for blonde locks. Purple is the opposite of yellow on the colour wheel and helps to cancel out any brass or fading. Find a brand that’s gentle and free of sulfates, as purple shampoos tend to be very drying. 

When you do wash your hair, use a purple shampoo and conditioner at least 50% of the time or as needed. If you have a honey or strawberry hue, using your purple shampoo twice a month is usually sufficient.

Tip Three: Keep her moisturized!

Going blonde usually means you’ve damaged your hair at least a little bit, but if you have a hairstylist who is current on the latest in hair colour, they’ll have used a bonding treatment. The salon specialists at Volume Salons recommend Olaplex as one of the most effective bonding treatments to keep dyed and lightened hair protected from chemical treatment. 

Use a hydrating hair mask about once a week, and invest in some seriously nourishing shampoo and conditioner. Coconut oil is a great natural hair mask, and easy to come by too. 

Purple conditioner also functions as a leave-in treatment/toner. Grab a shower cap, wet your hair, and leave your purple conditioner in for 10 to 30 minutes. An episode of Gilmore Girls and a martini later, voila. Instant toning and deep conditioning treatment. This is usually something recommended only for those with platinum or heavily highlighted locks. 

Tip Four: Protect it from the heat!

Yes, hairdryers and straighteners are wonderful tools. But if you’ve recently gone platinum, you may want to keep the use of these bad boys to a minimum. Further drying out already very dry and fragile hair will have negative effects like breakage. 

The natural, air-dried look is very trendy right now, with microfibre hair towels being doubly huge. Microfibre is great for fast moisture absorption and encourages a frizz-free result, which is particularly useful for those of us on the wavy/curly end of the spectrum. 

Invest in a protective heat treatment before using heat styling, and for heaven’s sake do not forget to deep condition! 


Whether you’re blonde, platinum, strawberry, honey, or ash…you know that being blonde is hard work, especially the darker your natural tone is. Yet, from Marilyn to Paris, it’s never gone out of style. In the vein of being continuously en vogue, check out the Latisse lash treatments at Waterloo Medical Cosmetics. Combine those with fresh blonde locks and you’ll have the luxe look down.

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