How To Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

How To Upgrade Your Skincare Routine

Let’s face it; we are all just out there trying to hold down a career, a relationship, love ourselves, drink water, read ten pages a day, journal, meditate, cop some limited release Nikes, make rent or mortgage payments, and breathe.

All of those things add up to late nights, early mornings, high levels of stress, and most likely a ‘trying your best but not eating enough greens’ kind of diet. And, you’re probably dehydrated – when was the last time you drank water? 

The impact becomes easy to see on your skin. The problem is that not everyone has one or two hours, so spend applying creams, ampoules, and more. 

So what’s a person to do?


Love it or hate it, it’s time to put some research into what your skin actually needs. Hydration is typically a given, even for those with oily skin. Take a good look at where your breakouts are, as this can give you a starting point to tackling some of your skin concerns. 

Here some examples of where acne can appear due to different situations:

  • Jawline
  • Forehead
  • Cheeks

Once you’ve narrowed down some of your main issues, you can then move on to more targeted treatments. In most cases, it is beneficial to book an appointment with a professional skin clinic like Balsam Spa. Their skin cleanses facials can help with acne and give you a fresh starting point for your new skincare routine. 


Stress is a skin destroyer. Stress can dry out your skin, make you more prone to acne, and when you don’t sleep, bags under your eyes. It’s also been found that stress can contribute to eczema, contact dermatitis, and psoriasis flare-ups. 

But it’s not easy to just magically reduce your stress levels, and some years (hey 2020) are more testing than others. When we feel low energy, we often skip on those things that make us relaxed. Yet, when it comes to upgrading your skincare routine, it’s as much about the inside as it is the outside.

Start by recognizing your stress triggers. For some, it’s deadlines and pushing to be more organized could put a stop to it. For others, it’s career stress, financial worries, and deeper issues. It can help to talk about what’s worrying you; if you can reach out to friends or start writing it down, it can feel lighter. Two of the best ways to relieve stress are by getting a massage, Renew + Refresh Medical Spa has the ideal list of treatments; and the other is giving yourself a break. You can only do what you can do. Beyond that, you’re probably trying to control things that you can’t – for now!


Ingredients reeeeeeally matter. Buying cheaper skincare is a blessing on the bank account, but sometimes they aren’t as packed with the ingredients your skin needs. Typically higher price bracket skincare will have a higher concentration of the right stuff. 

Where possible, buy smaller or sample sizes. These should last at least 4-6 weeks so that you can see an impact. For some guidance, here are the timelines for how long each ingredient will take to show a difference:

  • AHAs
  • Niacinamide
  • Salycilic
  • Retinol

Patience is key here to really getting the most from your skincare routine. 

The Right Order

The order of your skincare product application will impact the effectiveness of each thing. Putting thicker creams ahead of oils will mean the thick cream acts as a barrier, and you might not get any effect from the oils. 

Here is a quickfire skincare order:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Spot creams and spot patches
  • Serums, and it is essential to remember to pat to them on don’t rub them in
  • Eye creams, the best way to apply is to dab it gently around your eye with your ring finger. 
  • Moisturiser
  • Oils
  • If it’s during the day, apply a sunscreen or an SPF, and if it’s nighttime, apply night cream.


The biggest, most impactful thing that you can do for your skincare routine is actually to commit to it. One week of the right acids and the best creams will give you a surface only improvement. And it won’t last more than a day or two either. Upgrading your skincare routine isn’t just about buying the right things; it’s about understanding the real sources of your skin’s discontent and taking a whole body and mind approach to it. 

And the number one non-negotiable item that everyone should use is sun cream. This can prevent premature aging by blocking those harmful UV rays. 

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