2000’s trend……….no just NO!

2000's trend

Today we’re gonna travel into time and display the late 90’s early early 2000’s trend, so buckle up because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Velvet sweat pants : with extra long pants and

short jacket



Super thin  eyebrows : these were hideous, and bushy browed girls like myself were feeling out of trend ; I mean look at this, it’s like a clown

Bald lip liner : OMG (face slap)



Capris : they don’t belong in the pants nor the short department, these things are a mess.

Low rise  jeans : the number one cause of muffin tops.



Denim on Denim on Denim : it’s too much denim going on, I just wants  to ask the person who came up with this trend : what were you thinking ?

Bead bracelet : I don’t have anything against beads but

when you stack more 5 in one hand it’s a NO NO


Popcorn  shirt : it’s fascinating how small these shirts were but they still fit, MAGIC !

Pants with words on your ‘’derriere ‘’ : these were

no way cute, even if they said so

Studded everything : Studded belts, studded shoulders, studded shoes,  t’s like a walking weapon.

Butterfly clips : I used to rock these ( don’t judge) and would purposely move my head just so that they can wiggle