The Most Worst Celebrity Eyebrows Ever !

worst celebrity eyebrows

If you have a history of pictures of bad brows that you think should be burried and never be seen, well  here’s a list of worst celebrity eyebrows that will make you feel better.

Angelina Jolie: We all know how beautiful Angelina Jolie is, I mean even her last name says so, but her makeup artist did her wrong on this event. Her eyebrows looks like they were draws with sharpies, not natural looking at all.

worst celebrity eyebrows


Demi Lovato:  ” don’t wanna break your heart but you gotta give your makeup artist a break”. If you lived in the 90’s you’ll be familiar with this look, the super thin eyebrows were a trend, but I think that it is time to leave this look behind, and bury it.

worst celebrity eyebrows

Megan Good: you know what would be good? firing your makeup artist. Seriously, the clown eyebrows would look awful on everybody, they were way above her brow bone, and too curved. It made her look scary instead of complimenting her eyes.

worst celebrity eyebrows


Beth Ditto: she has some unique style, but who butchered your eyebrow girl? They either concealed her eyebrows of forgot to draw them, and that a no no!

worst celebrity eyebrows

Pamela Anderson: If you’re a bit too obsessed with plucking your eyebrows, chances are high that you’ll end up having the Pamela’s brows. too much tweezing will stop your brows from growing.
Pamela Anderson worst celebrity eyebrows
Julia Roberts: there’s nothing better than rocking your natural eyebrows, especially if you were blessed in that department. But when they’re a bit too bushy, grooming them would be a good idea.
julia roberts worst celebrity eyebrows
Miley Cyrus: Remember the time Miley completely bleached her brows? they just faded into her fair complexion, thankfully she dyed them back .
miley cyrus worst celebrity eyebrows
Drew Barrymore: Following the footsteps of Demi Lovato & Pamela Anderson , Drew was also a victim of the pencil thin eyebrows, thank God, that look was part of the past, and now her eyebrows are more natural looking.
drew barrymore worst celebrity eyebrows
Ariana Grande: Ariana is very known for her signature ponytail but hopefully those ashy eyebrows won’t make it into her signature list.
ariana grande worst celebrity eyebrows
Lindsay Lohan: Everything about this look is a foul, her nude lipstick and tanned skin, that little bobby pin on the side of her hair, and even her eyebrows didn’t make an exception.
Lindsay Lohan worst celebrity eyebrows
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