Eye Keeps Twitching…Beyond The Superstition

eye keeps twitching

Everyone has at least experienced an eye twitching at least once in their life, and if you’re superstisious you’ll be thinking that someone is thinking about you or it’s a sign that you’ll be in danger ( depending on the time you got the eye twitch) most of the times it’s harmless.


Why my eye keeps twitching ?

  • Dry eye : If you’re a computer user for long hours, you’re eyes get dry very easily. Try to take a break every 2 hours max, and  focus on a further point, you can use physio eye drops too.
  • Side Effect of medication :especially medications for psychosis, epilepsis, if you noticed that your eye is twitching when starting a medication of any kind, consult your doctor.
  • Too much caffeine :It’s hard to start a morning without a cup of coffee, it wakes you up, but if you’re a coffee-holic you must know that coffeine can causes eyelid spasm. Try to replace your caffeine doze with tea every once in a while.

As we mentionned, eye spasm is most of the time harmless, but it’s unconfortable.

However if your eye keeps twitching  happens for more than a week, your eye gets red afterward, or your eyelid sags that’s when you know you need to see a doctor because it’s definelty a sign of a major health issue.