5 Footwear Trends for Summer 2019


We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go throughout the first half of the year, but with sunny days and blue skies ahead, it’s time to look at what’s happening in the world of footwear in 2019. Runways are always a good start, as they ultimately dictate what hits the shelves a few weeks later. 

Since our utility bills won’t be suffering from depending on having the heater running 24/7 to stay warm, now is a better time than ever to invest in some on-trend footwear staples that will remain a reliable choice for years to come. From designer kicks to feathery flip-flops, here are the top footwear trends for summer 2019.

Tevas Sandals

What were once the subject of some undeserving ridicule are now hotter than ever, mainly thanks to Japanese fashion house Suicoke and their iconic take on the Tevas sandals. With their recognizable utilitarian aesthetic, ultra-comfortable soles and seemingly endless versatility, Tevas sandals are a wardrobe staple for the fashion-forward in 2019.

Destroyed Sneakers

Most fashion trends are cyclical, but the idea of buying brand new sneakers that look like they’ve already been thoroughly worn is definitely a new one. You’d be hard-pressed to find this trend at your local fast fashion retailer, but many designer labels have offered their take on the concept in recent months.

A safe bet would be a pair of Balenciaga sneakers such as the Match. The “destroyed” aesthetic is a little more subtle here, with light smudging and a uniquely offset logo on the midsole. SSENSE’s Balenciaga sneakers range includes a variety of destroyed styles, as well as many of the other top footwear trends that Demna introduced in recent years. 


Did you honestly believe that the embroidery trend would stop with jeans? Well, according to the runways of 2019, embroidery is here to stay, and it’s now on your favorite pair of heels. After all, it makes perfect sense – some timeless floral patterns on an otherwise clean silhouette is both wearable and worthy of being called a statement piece.


One trend that stole the spotlight on this year’s catwalks was that of feathers. The likes of Simone Rocha, Valentino and Nina Danella all offered their own take on the trend, incorporating some plumage on everything from pumps to boots to sandals. Either way, a good color combo is all it takes for this trend to look summery and exclusive.

Nautical Ropes

Nothing screams “summer” like a pair of sandals that uses nautical-inspired ropes as straps. If sandals aren’t your thing, designers like Valentino and Alexandre have you covered with rope-laden heels, too. Picking up your own pair will have onlookers dreaming about taking you to the Caribbean in no time.

Some other considerable trends for summer 2019 include PVC-clear colorways, sculpted heels, neon tones and once again, chunky sneakers. Choosing just a small selection of styles to splurge on won’t be easy, but rest-assured it will be well-worth the effort. Just try to avoid “investing” in all of them – you know how the fashion world goes. 

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