What Does “On Fleek” Mean ?

on fleek
on fleek
SOURCE: Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

One day while I was scrolling down my Instagram page, I came across the word “on fleek.” not once not twice but multiple times.I was confused. So I asked my trust worthy know it all friend AKA “Google” but I couldn’t find what it meant?However “on fleek” came up in many google results more specifically memes. So who came up with this slang?

We are going to find out where “on fleek” wad originated, what it means, and why it got so popular overnight?

1. The Origin

According to The Urban Dictionary this slang was used in the 2000’s more specifically 2003. According to that entry, “on fleek” means “smooth, nice, sweet.” but it didn’t become popular until 2014.

Thanks to social media “on fleek”‘s gained a huge popularity it’s used to describe a fashion estate, hair and mainly eyebrows,Viner Peaches Monroee was the one that kinda revived the slang. Thanks!

2. The Meaning

It litterally means on point, or perfectly done. It’s just another way to compliment someone else… or yourself. Why not?

3. How Did It Get So Popular?

As mentioned earlier, Peaches Monroee was the one that made it popular, and once you put out something in Vine, it just becomes viral. And celebrities such as Ariana Grande made her version of that vine, it’s unbelievable that what I can say the least. Taco Bell also made a tweet describing itself as ” on fleek”.


And since then “onfleek” made it’s path into slang history by being wildly used up until this day.

More than 86,000 posts are related to the hashtag #onfleek on Instagram everything from makeup photos to fashion to a sandwich. that’s right you can use “on fleek” for everything.

So that was a bit history lesson for my favorite slang”on fleek,” (hence the name of my website).