Amazing uses of Milk of Magnesia

uses of Milk of Magnesia


These excellence tips are: all use affordable, and basically the mineral mix are  found in many drug stores. Milk of magnesia is typically used as a stomach laxative neutralizer, yet it can be introduced to your skin care routine, furthermore, it can be used for baby care. It’s just magnesium hydroxide blended with water, so it’s an extremely safe. We’ll show you how you can include MOM into your beauty routine.

An Important Note!

One thing you to be sure of is that your Milk of Magnesia contains jusr water and magnesium hydroxide. Numerous formulas have started to include sodium hypochlorite, which is basically blanch/dying operator, and that can be harmful.

Milk of Magnesia as a Facial Mask or Primer

Good news for those who have an oily skin, MOM can act as a good primer.The struggle is real when it comes to keeping the makeup looking on fleek for so long especially in these hot summer days. So to achieve a matte look, all you have to do is: apply a thin layer of MOM, let it dry and voila! you can either massage the MOM once dried onto your skin, or apply makeup directly on it. that layer will vanish once makeup is applied.

one thing you need to know is that MOM’s PH is low, so to balance things up, tone your face with water+ tsp of apple cider vinegar once you remove your makeup.

For Acne & Pimples

Just like any new routine, you have to test MOM on a small area, whether behind your ear or neck and see if it will cause any breakouts or reaction. If you’re struggling with these pimples or acne, apply the drying powder of MOM on the zit and let it do it’s magic. the next days, that pimple will get dry and in about 3 to 4 days it will be gone.

Some men love a sheen, and others don’t. If you’re rocking a bald head, you must be familiar with shine. to get rid of it, simple: apply a thin layer of MOM and let it dry, buff it to get rid of the film, and you’re done.

As a Matte Finish for Bald Heads


Some men love a sheen, and others don’t. Milk of Magnesia to the rescue for men who want to get rid of that shine! This is a tip straight from Hollywood makeup artists for men who are going to be under lights…the milk of magnesia cuts the shine.

To use: moisturize and then apply a very thin layer of Milk of Magnesia to the scalp, and the shine is banished. If you get a film, simply buff it off and use less the next time. Tip: don’t use cotton applicators…if you have stubble it can grab the cotton and leave fluff.

Milk of Magnesia is an Effective Natural Deodorant!

We know how much harmful deodorants are, but it’s pretty much impossible to leave the house without it. Many blogs share their natural deodorant recipe, but because underarms are a thin layer of skin that gets cut constantly due to shaving, people tend to get reactions from those natural recipes.


we assure you that MOM is very gentle, and chances of getting a reaction is very low. Apply MOM on a cotton pad, and gently wipe your underarms.

Other Handy Uses for Milk of Magnesia


As we mentioned earlier, MOM can be used for baby care especially diaper rashes and sunburns.