5 Shoes Every Women Must Have

Platform heels

Shoes shoes shoes! we never can enough of them, but you don’t wanna stack the same type everytime. So here’s for you, the must have type of shoes that will go for every occasion.

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Sneakers:   The most comfortable of all types, you can rock them with leather jeans and a long coat for a modern chic, or with jeans and a large sweater for an effortless look, but still looking like a million bucks


Platform heels: God bless who ever made these, heals compliment a women’s leg but by 2 hours of wearing it, all Platform heelsyou think of is ”when can I get home to take them off” they may look cute but they are killers. platform heels are a bless, not only you gain some extra inches, but also you can spend the entire day wearing them without a break.
The must have colors are: nude, black and burgundy, they will for sure match any color combination you’ll wear.





Boots:  You can’t go wrong with boots, wear them with a skirt, ripped jeans, or even tailored pants. Ankle boots areBoots so in this season.If I had to choose a certain color, I’ll go for a dark grey or olive green, again we want colors that’ll match your closet.

Sandals:  When it’s hot, there’s no way we want to trap our feet in a hot shoe, No No No! whether you like or you hate exposing your toes, you need a pair of sandals, and I mean real sandals not flip flops. You need light weighed sandal, not too much leather and most importantly easy to wear no one got time for wrapping laces.


flats: Even if we love heals but sometimes we just don’t have the mood for wearing one, so the perfect alternative?Flats! they’re so cute, convinient and comfy. They will go with anytype of wear except for sweatpants, so they for sure need a place in your shoe closet