Overdrawn lips – The Easy 5 Steps You Need To Follow

Overdrawn Lips

An old trend that made it’s comeback

Overdrawn lips, in the past, projected a cheap and harsh look whereas subtle and perfectly lined lips were attributed to a more refined, fuller, and young look. Since there is nothing permanent in the fashion industry, this trend has changed as well.

Sleek and finely color lips are a thing of past now and the trend of overdrawn lips have taken a surge.

There is no doubt that lips should be soft and exude elegance, but overdrawn lips, if done correctly, can enhance your seductiveness and attractiveness up to a great extent.

However, a major tip that you need to know before overdrawing your lips is that using gloss on  your overdrawn lips may give you a glossy and distinctive look but it can reveal the fakeness of your overdrawn lips.

5 steps to get the perfect overdrawn lips:


Overdrawn Lips

  • Make sure that you have applied nothing on your lips prior to overdrawing them. Only apply a lip balm if you have dry lips. Otherwise, it is better to start off with the no-make look.
  • Start off with your top lip. Put your main focus on the cupids bow area and stay away from the corners.
  • After top lip, it’s time to draw bottom lip. In order to make your lips fuller, you can afford to do excessive overdrawing on the bottom lip.
  •  Now you have to fill your lips completely with the selected lipstick.
  •  You can optionally add gloss as well to give your lips a glow but it is certainly not recommended because as mentioned above it gives reflection that can be a major giveaway for your overdrawing.

Makeup products, in order to give the best look, need to be applied with correct manner and measure. They may take some time and practices before you finally get the perfect look you desire.