7 Home Remedies For Common Health Problems


Whenever we get sick our first instinct is searching for medication, but what you don’t know is that nature is able to provide remedies and most of the times you have the ingredients in the kitchen.

If you suffer from difficulty in falling asleep or you wake up several times at night, Help yourself with a cup of warm chamomile. This herb is well known for it’s abilities to calm the nerves and relax and prepare yourself for a good sleep.

Home Remedie For slow metabolism

If your metabolism slow and your body don’t burn fat too fast, we recommend drinking green tea every day. It help  speeds up the process of metabolism or metabolism by 10%.

Home Remedies For throat pains

Mix the juice of half a lemon and 1 tbs of honey and gargle the mixture. whenever you feel throat pain or you develop the first symptoms of a cold, try this and you’ll see!

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Home Remedies For nausea

Do not hesitate, drinking ginger tea to get rid of the nausea and other common digestive problems!

Home Remedies For headaches

To get rid of a headache, try tea with a pinch of cinnamon, it is very useful and effective in stimulating blood circulation.

Home Remedies For puff

Whenever you feel bloated try mint tea which you can find anywhere or simply infuse some peppermint leaves in hot water for about 3 min, and drink it twice a day.

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