Microwave Between The Good And The Bad


Modern technology makes life much easier, we can travel over long distances very quickly, sending massive amounts of information all over the world on the spot, and cook in less than a quarter of the time that was required 50 years ago. But our addiction to speed and convenience often requires personal cost, specifically our love to cook quickly may cause more damage than we realize. Take, for example, the use of microwaves to heat food, or defrost frozen meat and vegetables. Microwave radiation used magnetic polarization of water molecules, which sends some sort of radiation to the outer layers of the food so that generate heat.

Why using the microwave is good:

Two reasons why using the microwave is good:

1-speed: Nothing can beat the speed of microwave when heating food, which is convenient especially if we were in a hurry. Unfortunately, in many cases, heated food in microwave tend to be hot just from the outside, so you need to move the dish several times in order to equal temperature.

2. Safety: Microwave is a safe way to cook since there is no flame or heat and fire all around the dish. This means that children can use it without fear of burning themselves.

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Why using the microwave is bad:

These are the three reasons why using the microwave is bad

1-flavor: the flavor is considered an important part of what we eat, keeping it requires careful handling. Some food taste better when cooked slowly,& tend to lose it’s flavor in high heat ,so when using the microwave you need to stir the food you heat every 1 min.

2-nutrients: When heating food in the microwave, this one loses important nutrients . Vitamins, minerals, micro nutrients are affected in great shape by the use of microwave. For example, broccoli loses 97% of it’s anti-oxidants , and garlic loses its anti-cancer properties when heated in the microwave.

3-radiation: This is the most important point of contention about the microwave. Anxiety is how the real impact of radiation on food heated, and thus on our bodies and our health. There are some materials that should definitely not be heated in the microwave. For example, plastic, specifically fatty foods in plastic containers that cause the release of many of the hazardous chemicals, including dioxins, benzene, toluene, and polyethylene. If it is advisable to use a glass or ceramic dish. This should never heat the milk in the microwave. Finally, you have to be very cautious of the heated material in the microwave, and keeps you must choose whether or not you are comfortable use.