Hand Dryer VS Paper Towel, Which One Is More Sanitary?

Drying hands

Washing your hands before and after going to the bathroom is a fundamental rule of personal hygiene and public health.

However, what’s the best way to dry your hands when you’re using a public bathroom? paper towers or hand dryer?

According to the study recently published by the Westminster University, using tissue paper in public bathrooms to dry your hands is better and safer than the electric hand dryers.      Tissue papers get rid of 75% of bacteria and germs that accumulates on the hands ,while hand dryers contribute to increase the amount of bacteria attached to the hands and even makes them 27 times dirtier.

Above that, hands dryers play a role in polluting the atmosphere of public baths and increase the proportion of transmission of bacteria in them.

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In fact, as well, the study confirms that anyone who tries to dry their hands by the electric dryer will not be strong enough to get rid of germs, even if they washed his hands a thousand times. So the fault is not in the  method of washing, but in the way of drying!

Accordingly, we join experts and invite you to refrain as much as possible the use of public bathrooms in malls and shopping centers. If you can’t hold it until you get home and you have to use the public bathroom, please be sure to clean your hands thoroughly before and after using the bathroom, and make sure to close the chair cover when you flush the toilet, and most importantly, dry your hands using paper towels instead of hand dryers.