Nighttime Headaches: What Are The Reasons?

Nighttime headaches

If nighttime headaches occur in a repetitive way, it is important to consult a specialist to do some tests to determine their cause.

Nighttime headaches affect our rest and the opportunity to enjoy a good night sleep, allowing us to wake up the next day with more energy and optimism.

We have experienced it on more than one occasion. Open your eyes in the morning, as if a heavy weight was put on your head to the point of feeling powerless to face the day.

In addition, you should note that Nighttime headaches is different from ordinary headaches.

Sometimes we go to bed with general discomfort, a pain that progresses more intensely at night, but we were already affected a lot before going to bed.

Today, in this article, we will explain what is the cause of the Nighttime headache.

5 Causes that may explain nighttime headaches

5 causes that may explain nighttime headaches

The headache can have several origins. However, the one that suddenly appears during the night, interrupting our rest, is due to other important factors .

In addition, and in case this situation is repeated every night for several days in a row, it will always be advisable to consult our doctor.

Let’s see now what causes can determine the nighttime headache.

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1. The hypnotic headache

The hypnotic headache (related to sleep) is not well known. It must be said that it can appear at night and even while we take a nap.

  • It is a mild but incisive pain that usually lasts between 15 minutes, one hour and even two hours.
  • The causes are not well known, but what is clear is that they always appear in this specific phase of the dream.
    Therefore, it is believed that hypnotic headache may be related to a sudden decrease in melatonin, a hormone that promotes our rest.
  • The hypnotic headache usually occurs in many people over 50 years old.

2. Foods with inflammatory properties

Foods with inflammatory properties

This is another fact that we do not always think about. There are certain foods that, consumed in excess, generate alterations in our body.

  • It is common that many of these foods that we consume are rich in mono sodium glutamate, generate headaches in the middle of the night if we include them in our dinners.
  • This synthetic additive, is unhealthy, and causes addictions.
  • It offers an intense flavor to many products in our daily diet such as sauces, creams, bouillons cubes and many types of precooked foods.
  • In addition, cheeses or other types of dairy products also have inflammatory properties and often cause headaches at night.

All this should lead us to control a little more the quality of our dinners by choosing well the products that we serve in this last meal of the day.

3. The sinus headache

Sinus headache is yet another headache associated with nighttime headaches.

  • This type of headache is caused by sinusitis.
  • The pain of the para-nasal sinus caused is very intense. There is a strong sensitivity that reaches, at the same time, the ears and the head.
  • These headaches tend to get intense at night if the room is very dry. Therefore, purifiers are very helpful.

4. The syndrome of the explosive head

The syndrome of the explosive head

The syndrome of the explosive head was already described at the end of the 19th century and, however, it is not always known what its origin is.

This type of disorder falls into the category of so-called parasomnia, that is to say, sleep disorders.

  • It is an intense headache that just appears when the person is about to fall asleep.
  • Women suffer from it more than men.
  • There are those who only experience it once in their life; and for others, however, it can take a few months.
  • However, in all cases, this problem usually disappears on its own.
  • The clues we have so far are related to an injury to one of the bones of the ear or even to a failure of neuronal activity just as we fall asleep.

5. The cluster headache

Cluster headache is a type of migraine that appears more in men than in women.

  • It happens between two and three hours after falling asleep.
  • The pain is very intense and lasts relatively short time, between 15 minutes and half an hour.
  • This pain is located on one side of the head, behind one eye and can reach the temple and neck.
  • Among the symptoms that come with this headache is often also affected by inflammation of the eyes, nasal congestion, tearing …

Finally, if you experience any of these problems for several days, do not hesitate to consult your doctor to define your case.

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