The Elegant Wedding – Southern Style

The Elegant Wedding - Southern Style

No matter where you live, you have experienced traditions at weddings that originated in the South. For generations, southern women have been the catalyst of grace, elegance, and charm. Today’s southern bride extends a lace-covered hand to her guests and welcomes them to a wedding experience that is a delightful twist on old south tradition, and modern practicality.

The bridal party

In the south, friends are forever. It is not unusual for a small wedding to consist of mostly the bridal party and wedding attendants. From the bride’s best friend in kindergarten to the cousin of the groom, the wedding party will accommodate everyone.

The southern bridesmaid will be dressed in lace bridesmaid dresses & lace gowns. Silks, florals, and pastels are very popular. Seersucker suits keep the groomsmen cool.


There is no limit to the venue choice for the southern wedding. From church weddings, to barn weddings and everything in between, any venue will work. The secret is blending elegance with rustic charm. Lots of flowers and ribbons are in order no matter the location. A southern bride may wear a classic white gown while allowing her bridesmaids to wear cowboy boots. Create your own style.


No matter the venue, gift giving is difficult. This is where the traditional bride turns to modern technology. Sites like Crowdfunding and Honeymoon Registry makes giving the couple a wonderful gift easy and fun. A popular choice is Honeyfund – a free site that allows the couple to list things such as events they wish to attend or a destination honeymoon. Never has gift giving been so easy and so appreciated.

Thank you notes

This tradition has sadly been overlooked in recent years. The southern bride sends elegant, hand written  thank you cards to her guests. She recognizes that they took precious time to share her special day.

Pre-wedding photo shoot

Tradition in the south allows for the bride to give her dress, hair, and make-up a test run. Photographs are a must and she wants every opportunity to get the best pictures. By arranging a pre-wedding shoot, she is not pressed for time, bound by location, or stressed while her guests are waiting.  


The southern reception is never skimpy. The comfort food is home cooked and there is plenty of it. In the south, carbs are king and no one leaves hungry. Another tradition that began in the south is the groom’s cake, Why have one cake when you can have two? The groom’s cake is a well thought out testiment to the groom and anything goes.

Southern brides are welcoming, friendly, beautiful, and considerate. The southern bride wants her guests to enjoy this day and share in her happiness. She cherishes the traditions of old and welcomes new traditions that work for her. Southern style weddings are popular from New York to Atlanta. After all, one can never have too much fun.