How To Improve Your Relationship For A Better Marriage Overall


When you’re married to someone you love, it can be imagined as your perfect happy ever after. Of course, this is because you’re with the person you can consider your Prince Charming or Princess Right.

Unfortunately, not all relationships are perfect, and sometimes there are moments when things can get rocky and things may seem a bit too severe. This doesn’t mean you should give up on your relationship, though. Sometimes you just need a nudge to know just how to improve your relationship for a better marriage overall.

Interestingly, couple dynamics appear interesting across different kinds of marriages. For instance, it’s been observed that well-off couples actually fight more often for some reason, with those earning $20,000 per year or less observed arguing less than those who earn in the six digits.

Moreover, if you describe your spouse more as a “teammate” than a partner, it’s likely that you’re a bit slightly unhappy with the current state of your relationship.

Regardless, almost 60-percent of spouses who said they’re generally unhappy with their relationship for now would still be very glad to spend eternity with their partners.

Better Relationships For Better Marriages


With the above statistics, sometimes it makes one wonder just how married couples stay strong all this time. Perhaps the secret lies not in the presence of time itself, but the lack of its perception.

How does that work, though? And what exactly does it mean? You can click here to learn more information. However, here are some tips on improving your relationship:


  • Remember why you’re here in the first place: Do you remember why you’ve ever been in a relationship with your partner? It’s most likely because you’re close friends with them, right? Make sure that while you’re partners in crime, remember to make sure you continue developing your friendships with them. Interestingly, friendship does seem to work in maintaining not just lasting and satisfying marriages, but also in the quality of passion, romance, and sex in their relationships. In fact, 70-percent of couples feel this way.
  • Spend more time with each other: Remember that feeling when you’ve been enjoying something so much you didn’t even know how much time has passed? People in happy marriages actually spend more than five (5) hours every week being together and talking to one another. Try to have a romantic date once a month, or unwind in a townhouse or the beach. Have times dedicated to each other in order to get to know each other much better, even despite being in close ties.
  • Remember to keep each other happy with small gestures: Relationship problems exist, and sometimes dealing with each other can be hard in the middle of conflict. However, small gestures do go a long way, regardless if you have misunderstandings or not. In fact, couples who consider themselves happy have five (5) positive interactions for every one (1) negative interaction. Those who ultimately settled for divorce actually had 0.8 happy encounters for every one (1) negative occurrence. Compliment each other on your appearance, smile in each other’s company, and make sure you feel like each other is your priority.
  • Learn how both of you deal with being angry or upset: A lot of people tend to blame things such as misunderstandings and miscommunications as reasons why their relationships fail. And while this is just as good a reason as any, it’s important to remember that another integral reason why relationship problems blow out of proportions is the reality that not all couples know how both parties deal with getting mad or upset. With the years of getting to know each other under your belt, you’re likely aware of what’s good and what’s bad in the eyes of your partner – but you should learn how they deal with things that upset them. How do they release their frustrations? What approaches work and don’t work? Discuss these whenever you have the time and try to make assessments on how you can improve upon your better qualities.
  • Seek professional help in order to gain unique insights: Despite the phrase “two heads are better than one,” a third head in the picture does seem more appealing. Whenever you have problems both of you think you can’t solve, the tendency is to approach peers or close friends for advice. This is not necessarily bad, but a professional like a psychologist is more than capable of helping you and your partner see more unique approaches to your particular situation at hand.

The Bottomline: Better Marriages Need Time, Patience, Effort

When you look at a couple and you see your OTP – or one true pairing – you’re likely not going to believe they also have their own flaws and mistakes. However, this is very much true. Married couples go through all sorts of challenges and trials, but they are not exactly impossible to overcome.