7 Easy Tips To Make Your Fragrances Last Longer


Using a perfect perfume can be a tricky affair. But the quest does not end by finding the correct one. Using it the right way is important too, so that the scent lasts longer on your skin..

While perfumes are the best way to grab the attention, you will be shocked to know how pricey perfumes can be. As all of us want to smell good all day long, then why not to seek some tricks that can help make your ordinary scent last longer?

So, here are some ‘out-of-box’ techniques that will help you to make the most of your fragrances oil bottle:

Avoid Rubbing your wrists


Avoid rubbing your wrists together after you have perfumed them as it may dull the top notes. The basic reason for this is the friction. Friction causes faster fading of fragrance and you cannot expect it to last longer.

A fair knowledge about the varieties of perfumes

The percentage of essential oils plays an important role in determining the levels of fragrance concentration.. Fragrances oil bottle comes with the label as ‘Eau de toilette’ or ‘eau de cologne’ comes with lower concentration levels. Hence these sprays do not last long. Opt for perfume or ’Extrait de parfum’ or ‘Eau de parfum’ which are the most concentrated.

Using Petroleum Jelly on Pulse Points

Petroleum Jelly is profoundly used to help your skin to retain moisturize and prevent dry skin. But not everyone knows it can also retain the fragrance of your  perfume for longer hours.

The trick is to apply petroleum jelly to your Pulse points like neck, wrists and inside elbows and then spray the perfume gentle over it. Remember, these pulse points are also high sweat-prone areas so overdoing may result in blunder as well.

Moisturizer can help

Oily skinned people are lucky  when it comes to wearing a perfume. Because moisture gives perfume the staying power. However, you have a dry skin, do not forget to apply moisturizer to skin before spraying the perfume. Make sure that the moisturizer you use is unscented because scented lotion can change the way it smells.

Cotton- buds are an ultimate rescue

It is not always feasible to carry around a bulky perfume bottle. So, carrying some cotton-buds soaked in your favorite perfume bottle is the best idea. You can dab it on as and when required.

 You do not have to worry if in case these cotton balls dry out, because the essential oils will still be present on them. In order to transfer the scent fragrance to skin, put a drop of water on the ball and you are good to go. Also, these cotton buds are light in weight and an easy remedy to keep yourself  at considerable intervals of time.

For Hair, use your perfume with Hairbrush

It is advisable to not to spray any perfume directly to your hair-zone.  The alcohol present in perfumes may lead to dryness and your hair may appear frizzier. The best way to apply is to gently spray it over hairbrush and then comb your hair using the same hairbrush.

It will gently spread the fragrance all over your head against concentrating it over the certain areas. You can also opt for a hair perfume to avoid any hassle.

Know how to store and use a Fragrances oil bottle

Perfumes are delicate, therefore they need to be stored away from the direct sunlight to avoid any breakage with its fragrance. The direct exposition of sunrays efficiently degrades the oil present in them which leads to instant evaporation after some time of spray.

It is highly recommended to keep the box if you do not have any other storage option. Store the fragrances oil bottle inside the box to protect it from heat and moisture. There are various fancy boxes and other packs are available in the market which you can use. Secondly, never shake your bottle while applying a perfume.

It is a general misconception that the fragrance concentration needs a shake before application for perfect synchronization. But, the real check reveals that it let the scent fade away in the air causing a loss in the quantity against every shake.

The best part is, you can even make the most of the very last drop of your favorite perfume by mixing it with an unscented lotion. When there are few drops of a perfume left, it is somehow very frustrating to utilize it in the form of a spray.

You need to twist the bottle in many ways to capture the right angle which can sprinkle the few drops. To avoid this hassle, you can make your perfume to last longer, by mixing it with moisturizer you use.

With these easy tips, you can make your perfume to last longer.

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