Important Makeup Tips for People with Acne


Almost every single person has had acne prone skin at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a result of puberty or pregnancy or a lifestyle change, acne can flare up, leaving our complexions rough, red and uneven. Makeup can do wonders to create a more uniform visage, but applied incorrectly, it can also exacerbate the problem. This is why it’s so important to know how to apply makeup for your skin type. Correct cosmetic application will not only help cover acne, but it can also help get rid of it.

With the aim to conceal and correct in mind, here are the best makeup tips for people with acne.

Take it Off!

One of the most important makeup tips you’ll ever learn is this: make sure to take off ALL your makeup, every night. Wash your face with a cleanser specifically designed for people with acne prone skin, and add a quality skin toner to your cleansing regime. Toner will remove any extra dirt, grime and makeup while also restoring your skin’s pH balance — all without drying your skin out. This bit of defense is the best offense against future acne breakouts, and it can help soothe your skin to reduce the inflammation of present acne.


Go Green

Before you apply foundation or powder, use a green concealer can hide particularly problematic pimples. The green tone will play down the redness of acne, and make it less obvious. Simply dab a little over the spot and the gently blot it with a clean finger.

Clean Your Digits

And speaking of clean fingers, it’s imperative that you clean your hands and any brushes you use on your acne. Otherwise, you will simply be transferring bacteria to other areas of your face and spreading the outbreak.

Use an antibacterial soap to clean your hands and other cosmetic implements. Clean your hands every time you apply makeup and place your brushes under a UV light to kill bacteria after every use.

wash hands

Put on Powder

Powder foundations are a great way to control unwanted oil and reduce shine that can emphasize breakouts. You don’t want to cake on your powder, obviously, but a light dusting can do wonders to make your complexion look more even.

When do you use a powder foundation and when do you use a powder finish?

Good question! If you just have a pimple or two, a powder foundation combined with the green-tinted concealer can be enough to cover your little breakout. However, if your breakout takes up more of your facial real estate, you will likely need to use a green tinted concealer, a foundation and a powder dusting to finish.


If you’ve never used a primer, you’re going to want to start now. Makeup primers are like painting primers; they work to provide a solid surface for which your cosmetics can stick — and stick longer. Whereas applying foundation, concealer or powder alone can wear off in matter of hours, applying a primer first can give you flawless all-day wear.

Word to the wise: Buy a good quality primer. Your entire face is riding on this product doing its job, and doing it well.

Detract & Conquer

Many of us have outbreaks around our chins, noses and mouths. When this happens, play up your eyes and downplay your lips. Opt for lip colour with pink or peachy tones for your lips, since any red could bring out the redness of the acne.


No Monotone

Our skin tone is not uniform. We have natural contours and blushes, and when we apply makeup, we should do our best to replicate these hues and shades. Unfortunately, when we apply makeup to conceal acne, we can create a mask-look that looks anything but natural.

Use your highlighters on your ridges (brow bone, your eyelid, nose ridge, chin  and the top edge of your cheekbone) to highlight the areas of your face that are naturally highlighted. Use contours under your cheekbones to create shadow under your cheeks and add the depth that will be removed with concealer and foundation.

That’s it! Use these tips, and you’ll not only prevent acne outbreaks but also better cover them up when they do happen.

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